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Whole30 - Ready... Go!


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I love pumpkin, squash or sweet potato soup made with coconut milk, blended raw cashews (to make it super creamy) and tons of spices like garam.  Super yum!


I made a great mash with bacon and turnips, celeriac, carrots and sweet potatoes.  You can use any root vegetables in any combination.  I posted the link on the recipe forum.


I made turnip and potato (you could use sw pot) patties this week that the kids even ate. 


I love raw beets shredded on a salad.  Daikon is awesome raw on a salad, too.


Vegetables are fun! (I'm weird)


On a different note, I finally figured out how to gracefully get myself out of wheel!  I was just flopping down, which can't be good for the neck.  I finally asked the instructor and she showed me a good way to get down and now I'm all good.  Loving hot yoga right now! 


You're almost 1/2 way!  Keep it up!

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I definitely dropped off my logging... But not the Whole30... Today is Day 31 :)

Thanks to pjena for input and support in the beginning! And woohoo for full wheel! And yes, please always protect your neck... It's pretty important!

Insights (and recipes) that I would find helpful starting out:

Big breakfast is key to life... It really sustains you for a lot of hours... And even if it takes a long time to get through lots of food in the morning at the beginning... It won't be long til you're easily gobbling it up

Cooking at home is awesome... You can make food that tastes better than restaurants... And your friends are grateful when you feed them

I used thefoodee.com as a major resource. Great links to great recipes that are whole30 tested and approved

You won't miss complex carbs and cheese nearly as much as you think you will

Everything is a choice

My most favorite thing I made (and then made again for a dinner party and everyone, even husbands, wanted the recipe)


And my most frequently eaten and favorite lunch (easy to make the night before and keep for a few days in the fridge)


As far as moving forward for me... I think I'll probably go back to being a vegetarian. My body just doesn't seem to process meet unbelievably well, even with the help of starchy veggies and enzymes. But I will keep lots of the guidelines of the whole30 in my habits. And eat at home... And eat lots of vegetables... And always have breakfast... And avoid snacking...

Real food is good! Good luck on your whole30 and with eating choices in general :)

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