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Nightshade Free Leptin Reset


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I finally got brave enough to go nightshade free. As a spicy food lover I honestly have no idea (if ever) when I would have last spent a day without nightshades, in highest volume the capsicum/chilli family which I have probably lived on since I was 12ish. 

It's only been a few days so far but I've already seen a reduction in inflammation, a sudden weight drop and a greater sense of vitality.

A 60 second guide to the Leptin Reset (this is not a long term plan, it's a biohack to fix leptin resistence):

* no grains, no dairy, low omega 6, high omega 3, no snacking (nothing new for Whole30 folks there)

* no nightshades
* ketogenic

* focus on seafood sources of protein & no poultry
* focus on coconut oil as primary fat

* big breakfast

* day/night cycle important in lifestyle


Last time I had a crack at this I did not go nightshade free, it was something I just couldn't imagine doing for even 30 days, when almost every recipe I knew contained nightshades.

The last step will be the hardest, better matching of my lifestyle (working shift work for many years) to the natural day/night light cycle (reduce artificial light). It's an important part of the reset but my biggest focus is 100% no nightshades for at least 30 days (maybe 90). Inflammation has dived for me since giving up wheat/gluten and grains in general (I get a reaction to all of them, even rice), but I still have inflammation, it's not gone yet and I want to see if there are any sinus improvements as well as what remains of my arthritis.

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Nightshade free food I've loved so far: Quick Salmon Patties, oven grilled paleo-pesto oysters, salt & pepper scallops, lemon & pepper prawns (shrimp), pan fried asparagus & broccolini, plantain chips with garlic-loaded guacamole, avocado cacao "mousse", DIY coconut yoghurt inspired by AIP-friendly FeedMeRachel's Coconut Milk Yoghurt (1 x can of undrained Ayam Coconut Cream + 4 x Dairy Free Inner Health Plus capsules + wait 2-3 days).

Successfully went out to dinner, keeping nightshade & gluten free :D

End of Day 4 today, already lost over a kilo (I will be weighing weekly from now on), feel much less puffy around the neck. Curiously awake, unable to sleep.

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Thanks Bet. I'm going to be limiting eggs myself, as even organic ones in Australia seem to all be grain fed. I won't be using them as a protein source, just a binder for salmon cakes.


Have you found any difference between egg yolks and whites? I haven't experimented with cutting one or the other out yet, I may try that later.

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I am trying to go Nightshade free on this whole30 - mostly to see if it helps my migraines.


Why is poultry contrindicated in the leptin reset guys protocol?  I'm not a huge seafood / offal lover, nor do I have the budget for the best cuts of beef... so I will just have to try dropping the nightshades first... :)

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Hmm, I wonder if I could use just the egg yolks as a pattie binder...


My understanding is that poultry is out due to how it is raised and what it's fed. We get plenty of free range and organic chicken locally, but I have not found any which are not grain fed and I suspect it's the food they eat which is the reason for elimination. He says to wait until you are well to eat poultry. I have some chicken bone broth still from before the reset and I do plan on having that.

Skeletal meats (onshore, vertebrate animals) are low on his protein priority list, eggs are even lower. Molluscs are first (oysters, mussells, scallops), then crustaceans. I've never eaten this much seafood before, Locally our offal is all non-grassfed variety so I'm going to mostly avoid it during the reset I think.

I've noticed quite a change without the nightshades and with the seafood so far, have not had any eggs yet.

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Made my own mussels today, no recipe... turned out much better than I expected.

Made a kind of not-curry-paste in the food processor: bunch of spring onions, big knob of peeled ginger, 3-4 cloves of garlic, tiny peeled nub of galangal, processed until lumpy/paste-ish.

Coconut oil + paste in pan, liberal sprinkles of turmeric, organic mussels (which I cleaned myself - ugh!), slurp of sauvignon blanc, lid on for 5 minutes at high heat.


Much spicier than I expected it to come out, lovely "soup".

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I'm stalking your progress, Praxis. I'm on day 19 of my W30 and still suffering inflammation, so looking into what else I could do. I eat a lot of nightshades too (seriously have capsicum EVERY day) and I have had eggs every day of my W30 for breakfast. I'm not a massive fan of seafood (gonna listen to my body on this one), so seafoody breakfast isn't an option.


Interested to see you've been snuffly - I'm in outer SE Melbourne (Berwick) and it's just occurred to me today that I HAVEN'T been snuffly for the first time in months - between Winter flus and hayfever! But my nose is remarkably clear even with all this wind we've had! Maybe that's something positive?

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I hear you on the nightshades, I am a total nightshade addict lol capsicum is a food group.
We're not that far away, I'm SE too (about 25 mins from you), I love the Go Vita (Vitamin Shoppe) at the Knox Shopping Centre. There's not much organic or proper health food shops out this side, it's the only one I've found so far with much decent stock.

I think the lack of grains and dairy goes a long way with the lack of sniffles, I tried reintroducing dairy (cream & A2 yoghurt) a few weeks back and it was horrible!

While I'm complaining, I'm about 800% better in sinus health than before the Whole30 I did in January :D Gluten really was causing me a lot of problems and I had no idea. My doctor has been very impressed how little I've been affected by the "extreme" hayfever conditions recently. I don't normally get actual hayfever, but a lot of sinus inflammation and sometimes tooth pain from the swelling.

My arthritis I mostly forget I even have now, it's still there, but so low in the pain level I really don't notice it at all now. It took awhile to settle down, longer than the Whole30.

I'm not Whole30 at the moment (not much different though) and at just over a week of a sort-of compliant Leptin Reset, heartily sick of non-fish seafood lol I've really not been sticking to the day cycles or the carb limits every day (too many plantains!), so the reset is a bit iffy, but I've been 100% nightshade free and 100% poultry free (except some duck fat which is allowed) and no working out (so hard!). 

I've been totally egg free so far I've been trying to minimise them as they're low on the Reset protein ladder), I'm going to use them for binding only, rather than a protein source. I made mayo today for salmon patties tomorrow.

Made some sausage muffin cups for tomorrow's breakfast or lunch and they smell great. I didn't add any coconut sugar and left out the red pepper flakes (nightshade) and added a bunch of freshly ground black pepper.

To be honest, I'm not sure nightshade free is making any difference, but it really has made me realise the sheer volume I consume of nightshades and quite a bit of chicken and eggs too. I think low carb paleo (ketogenic) with weight training is what I'll try after the Reset is finished. I want to shift some weight and while my health has been improving with various strategies, losses haven't been great. I do find inflammation is much lower when I'm ketogenic and I sleep much more soundly.

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Wow more power to you to give up the nightshades then! And eggs and chicken! And training (that's a definite game breaker for me - can't function without my daily fix of training!).


I am tempted to drop the eggs to see if they have an effect - it's an eye opening experience observing how foods affect your health!

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I've been on only organic free range eggs since I've been able to get them at my supermarket, but from what I can tell, they're all grain fed to some extent. 


PaleOMG breakfast sausage is awesome. Maybe a bit too much garlic to be social :)

I had an initial improvement without nightshades, but I think that was actually being stricter with my meal templates and ingredients and a high amount of seafood. The seafood doesn't travel as well for work though (I had some time off).


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