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Summary of my 30 days


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Amazing experience.

Started out pretty fit and strong. Wanted to lean out and balance hormones(pocs) and control

mild yeast infections.

So I have had no yeast infections. My mood is wonderful, even, happy, calm(I had anxiety issues).

My hair isn't falling out. My nails are growing. My skin is glowing. I lost 8 pounds. I have energy to go go go and I WANT to use it;) I don't crave anything. I have never been hungry. I can eat 5-6 vegetable servings a day all different kinds all different ways. I have found so many resources through this site. I like plantain pancakes(thanks paleomom.com)! I eat fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil, coconut milk everyday and still lose weight. I found out that I don't need sugar, and dairy and I have issues. 

I realized I was capable of more than I thought. I could exercise LESS than I have in years and still lose weight and feel GREAT! I also learned that I don't talk to myself very well but am very encouraging to others. So, now I am encouraging myself and kicking my own ass when I need to squash old awful DUMB habits. Yeah Me! 

I still am not a good sleeper but I am better. I still feel stress but deal with it way better. These are my projects. As well as being almost 45 and trying to get the jump on menopause;)

Biggest take away from this 30 days: Eat whole natural food, walking more outside, sunshine, slow down and enjoy the process. It's all about food but it's not all about food. Fat is good!

Thanks so much for helping me see all this.


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Wow! Congratulations! So many things that improved for you are things I am looking to have improve for myself and I am close in age to you, as well. I have always been a believer of less exercise for a desired result as long as the exercise is effective and eating is dialed in. I am on day 12 and looking forward to day30 to see how I feel! Great job!

And, as for those plantain pancakes I am so bummed they are a no no on the Whole30. Looking forward to day 31 to try them!

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Great work Laurie! I'm only on Day 2 so it is exciting to hear from people who have got through the whole thing and survived and thrived. You make it sounds really worth all the work.


And Andria, you are hilarious! That last line is directly from one of this site's advice columns, isn't it! Very tactful.

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