"Fran in 3:09" Athletic success following W30 meal templates


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Just like the title says I just made Fran my bitch in 3:09!!!

Ok I've been following W30 meal templates for well over a year with very little derivation...

I'm 6'2". 220. 51 years old

This entire last two weeks I have not eaten any starchy veg like sweet potatoes...just plenty of vegetables each meal and one fruit a day ( banana post WO)

I Crossfit six days a week, every week.... And the strength and WODs have been very hard all month leading up to a comp.

This morning we did four set of squats to warm up then 8x3 @ 60% (275) so our legs were good and tired

Three min rest then Fran 21-15-9. Thrusters @95 and pull-ups 3:09

Three min rest then Narf ( Fran in reverse) 6:03

For those who don't Crossfit.. Fran in under 5 min is elite time

Soooo...... Anyone who doubts the benefits of Paleo and especially Whole30, think again.....I just did the performance of a lifetime on fats protein and vegetables !!!! :)

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Well I have no idea what Fran is, but sounds like you did great. It is interesting that the received wisdom (here in Australia, and I assume the US) is that you NEED starchy carbs like grains for energy and you should carb-load before major exertion. My best friend is a dietician and I haven't dared tell her I'm doing Whole30! I'll tell her after I've finished when I can tell her what (if anything) it's done for me.

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If I were to do a strait mass gain/ strength or powerlifting cycle, I would eat a boat load more carbs in form of sweet potato,plantain,etc..... I like to experiment and see what kind of results I get ..... Now I'm trying to retain strength and still slowly trim up a bit to increase my running/metacon times.... Lowish carb seems to do just great for my goals

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@ KimmyW

Thanks...... Narf was awful after Fran !!!! The three min. Rest did nothing but allow my muscles to cease up... After the first round of nine I loosened up a bit and was able to go harder but it was evil!!! Our box is prepping for " beast mode battle" in November ..... The competition is four different 12 min WODS with only 3 min rest in between each ....48 min of AMRAP in a one hour time span... PAIN!!! Unfourtunatly I can't take off work that weekend,but I'm training with everyone else just to get it under my belt for next time :)

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