need help around protein and broth


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Hey everyone. looking for some advice.


I am a slightly different category of vegetarian than what I have seen here. I have no particular moral, ethical, religous or even real health reason.


I was born in India. Raised that way. My family has been for many generations.


I moved to Canada when I was four in the seventies. At the time my aunt thought I needed to learn to eat meat to survive here. It did not appeal to me. She hid it in my food without my knowing and I got ill and threw it up. 


I have no personal issue with any kind of meat just an aversion. The only thing that stuck was eggs and I do eat them. The thought of meat (fish, poultry etc) makes me ill.


I started the whole 30 5 days ago and am committed to staying away from the exceptions as much as possible.


I am wondering if anyone has come up with any other non exception proteins.


And I am very curious about broths.  I notice vegetable soups with beef broth etc. I am thinking I might be able to try that out. Is that similar to the type of broths talked about here? I know I could not deal with making them the way people are talking about. But are there soups or dishes with broth that would suit this and help me try some animal proteins?


Any help would be appreciated.




from - if I eat anymore eggs i will start clucking soon......

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If you could find some compliant beef or chicken broth in a shop (check for sugar, msg, etc - no good me recommending a brand as I'm in the UK), you could maybe make a vegetable soup with it? Beef might be a bit strong, but chicken goes nicely with butternut squash or sweet potato soup, chuck in a can of coconut milk... Is that the sort of thing you meant?

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Thanks Roz, yes that kind of info. It's so foreign to me I  am not even totally sure what I should be asking for. Also if there any organic soups that I could buy that are made with the right kind of broth. I guess I need to try some things and see what I can tolerate. What may be obvious information to others is completely new to me.

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I was vegetarian for years, now I convert all my roast meat and roast veg pans into broth starter kits... And will never eat a store bought soup again. I can't quite bring myself yet to throwing a whole chicken carcass into a soup pots, but bones, gristle and fat are fine now.

Good luck... Perhaps try adding ground nuts and seeds to bump up the protein in vege soups?

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