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Started My First...and I am an alcoholic


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Day 26 on the whole30 and add 10 days to that for sobriety.  This last week has been a little rough on all fronts, but I do think that the whole30 way of eating makes it easier to stave off the cravings/thoughts I have of drinking.  The jury is out as to whether I stay abstinant after my whole30, but I'm not sure I'm going to listen to the jury since my whole being is screaming - DON'T DO IT!!!  Just sayin'.  I don't always listen though, what's up with that?

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Just found your log - love it! All of your food does sound amazing. Congrats on having no alcohol! I know how hard that can be. One day at a time. I'm on Day 7, but had a little bit of something non-compliant (there was soy & "cane juice" in a natural drink packet), so I'm adding a few days to the end of my 30. It's nice being able to come here and read & comment to help others and get help yourself to stay with this. I'm really looking forward to all the benefits... and slaying the sugar dragon ;)

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OK...entering the home stretch here and I am amazed how I have been temptation free for about 2 1/2 weeks & now, as I see the end nearing...all bad food seems delicious!  Haha...the ol' brain is craving.... 


Still booze free ...now @ 23 days.  I am overall unimpressed with drunks ... I used to be one...but the volume level is amazing when ppl drink to excess.  yes, I have been in bars each weekend of Whole 30..I am a social being and that is where my friends and I go.  No temptation there...just cold fingers from large glasses of club soda over and over again. :)


I am going to treat myself this week and cook some flavorful dishes for myself.  Still working on the right spice combo for my skillet curried chicken w/ veggies.  A meatloaf with ground mushrooms and plan compliant home made ketchup is also on the list.  A nice steak midweek will provide some satisfaction.  Super pleased with my breakfast hash I concocted...basically sweet potato, jalapeno and minced veggies sautéed in ghee with heavy sage and pepper.  A big batch lasts several days and when protein is added later...makes a great morning substitute for a guy who does eat eggs.


I know this...I am 5 inches down in my waist (no not in one month!) my jacket size is down 2 sizes and I am about to enter week three of Crossfit.  I honestly don't care about my weight because I like the changes in my body...energy level...discipline.  My weigh day is next Saturday.  I am going to guess 4-5 lbs this month.  We will see.  I f I get lucky and get 7 lbs down...that would put me at 189 for the first time in twenty years.  Fingers crossed for nothing more than having a goal I want to hit. 


If you are thinking about changing how and what you eat.  Please start.  Set a date...blow it off for two weeks like I did...but please try Whole 30.  I cannot recommend this enough!  This has been my catalyst propelling me away from the 200-210 lb range I have been hovering in for more than a year.

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Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnndd  I AM DONE!


Apologies on not updating sooner, but it has been a week...frankly it has been a month!  between work, personal life and Whole 30 it has been one to remember.


I officially completed my first Whole 30...honestly it was Whole 29.66667 - but that was my plan from Day 1.  I had a huge corporate cocktail party celebrating the 100th Episode of our TV show and knew that I would celebrate that nite.




Lost 4.5 lbs ... perfect - although that left me @ 190.6 and I sooo wanted a 180 something.  But again, this is not about weight loss.  My goal weight is 185 and I hope to accomplish that eventually.


Lost 2 inches around my waist.  I actually fit into size 32 jeans for the first time since the 1990's.  To be honest this has been an 18 month progression from size 38's to my current 33-32 range.  32 is my forever goal.


Alcohol - absolutely perfect through my goal of 29.6667 days.  I was careful Saturday night and frankly I did not like the overall effect of the alcohol in my system.  Made me slightly sick and tired.  Good news, my past ways have not come back.  I have had a couple beers with friends.  No big deal.


Exercise:  I began Crossfit 3x per week midway through the 30 days.  Love the results combined with a compliant diet.  Super energy and fit feeling!


Reintroduction of non-plan foods:  Well, here I failed...I did not follow the reintro and test of certain foods one at a time to test my body.  I went to brunch...I had some fries etc...How do I feel?  Bloated. 


Plan:  I am going to do another Whole 30 soon and have decided to eat this way permanently.  I will test foods as I go and may keep what my body allows.  The cooking and planning aspect of the diet is the only "hard" part in my opinion.


Thank you all who have supported and "liked" passages on this journey.  Keep up the goos work and be healthy!





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