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So I just found out that I will be moving to Korea this February/March. I'll be there for 2 years (give or take) and am SUPER excited. That said, I'm a little worried about the food choices.


Because I'm military, I'll have the ability to shop at the American grocery store there. But I'm hoping to be able to branch out a little bit from that. Anyone on here been to Korea/in Korea/posted to Korea (military - likely Camp Humphreys)?


Also, I'll have field exercises where my options are bringing my own (for weeks at a time) or eating military meals-ready-to-eat, where I will have few options that don't have gluten (still trying to get my stomach issues official, so to speak, with the military doctor). Any ideas? I'll have to bring it all in myself, so price and weight are both a little worrying.

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