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wakame at a sushi restaurant?


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My fiance is visiting town for my birthday (currently we are living on opposite coasts) and we may go out for dinner a few times while he's here.  There is a place across the street that serves sashimi, but it is served on a bed of wakame.  Is wakame whole30 compliant?  I also don't know if it would have added sugar, so I probably will need to ask at the restaurant.



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NO - it definitely is not, if it's the standard looking wakame that's bright green/stringy with sesame seeds and chile flakes?


I'm gluten intolerant and I had a horrible reaction to it and then found it in the local ethnic market (where the sushi place I go to says they all buy it from in big tubs - I know this because I asked way back when (before I figured out the gluten thing) if I could buy a bunch of their wakame and freeze it and he pointed me to the store where he said they buy it prepared (and frozen), as does virtually ever sushi place around town).   It has MSG, soy (containing wheat/gluten), HFCS, yellow and blue food coloring added.   


Unless it's seaweed salad that they are making in-house (not prepared elsewhere) - and then it's not going to taste sweet and it's going to look more like dark lettuce leaves of seaweed and won't be that bright green color.   If it's bright green or tastes sweet --- it's got a lot of garbage added. 


I will take a picture of the label next time I go to that market.    I can't find it online.


And in more bad news - the flying fish eggs are the same.   I checked dozens of varieties and every one of them has high fructose corn syrup and MSG.    No wonder I used to think they were so delicious - they're little balls of chemical sugar.   

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