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Just Started Whole30 Today!


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Hey Everyone!


My name is Samantha. I'm 26 and work full time as an architect. A friend of mine suggested that I try whole30 and after i saw all the success she made (and she lost 16 lbs in the 30 days and an additional 5 lbs the month after!!!) i decided to buy the book and give it a go. 


A little more background on myself: I have Crohns and Colitis. I thankfully have it undercontrol (i had a flair up for on and off 2 years) but the main reason why it is under control right now is because we changed my medication. I wasn't noticing major issues with my food intake until recently. Sometimes if i chow down on pizza I wake up with a 'hangover' the next day and am woken up by sharp stomach pains. I am really looking forward to finally feeling better and no longer feeling sluggish, bloated or crampy. I also deal with headaches almost daily (some are caused by my TMJ). I'm kinda hoping that this may help with that too!


I also have a bad relationship with food and have a problem with emotional eating. Another plus would be to start losing some of this extra weight i've put on over the years (my goal is 25 lbs!) and go from a size 10 back to a size 6! I also keep reading about how this program really helps with everyone's relationship with food so that will be huge for me!


So far today i've had:


Breakfast: A tiny bit of ground beef with some zuchinni, onions and grape tomatoes. I put two fried eggs on top and had some fruit on the side (a few strawberries, pieces of pineapple and blackberries)


Lunch: More ground beef with the vegetable mixture (i got home late last night and was so tired so that was easy to make for both meals haha)


Dinner: I was planning on baking eggs inside two halves of an avocado. So delicious! And having a side salad with oil and vinegar.



Tonight i want to try to make the olive oil mayo! And i'm excited to make a crock pot dish with spaghetti squash and italian sausage meatballs! i've never made spaghetti squash before but I'm sure i'll love it!

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