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I'm taking a new approach to this Whole 30 - complete social media silence! The Whole 9 Facebook page included a post about giving up social media for 30 days so I figure I'll give it a shot. I'm also not jumping on the scale before this W30 and treating it as a continuation of my September W30. I took 8 days off and enjoyed myself, but am ready to get back on track. I'm feeling a little man crazy right now too and would love to do some dating; I'd rather be down another 10 pounds and then give it a go, but if any good opportunities come up, I'm jumping on them!

My goals:

Personal Growth - I'm continuing the happiness journal I began on the first day of the school year. Once a day, I write down one thing that made me happy that day. Some days it's a line or two; other days, it's several paragraphs. Either way, it's nice to take some time to reflect on the day and think about my happiness. Even on crappy days when I've gotten home exhausted and miserable, I've been able to find some piece of happiness and be reminded that life is good. I may add a photo component this month, which could be pretty cool given the next goal....

Socialization - I'm thinking the "no social media" will cover the socialization factor. I'm posting on Facebook tonight that I'll be off for the next 30 days; Twitter and Instagram won't be a big deal. I won't be posting meals here or on Blogger either. First off, this is going to get me out of bed earlier since I won't be laying around reading FB in the morning. Second, this will make me socialize in more "old school" ways. And third, maybe I will crack open a book instead of Facebooking. Or focus on one activity at a time instead of Facebooking while I cook/watch TV/talk on the phone, etc.

Healthy Movement - In a continuation of the progress I've made running, I will continue to run 2-3 days a week. Field hockey officiating is winding down; my last regular season games are tomorrow and playoffs begin on Saturday, so I can get back to a good running routine. Plus, one of my students thinks his family can get me a bib for the Boston Marathon. If that happens, I will begin preparing for the biggest physical challenge of my life, and Whole 30 will play a huge role in those preparations.

On top of running, I'm thinking about a yoga challenge for the month of November. I injured myself last spring in my heated vinyasa practice and have been slow getting back into that routine out of fear that I'll reinjure myself and set back my running. I've also realized both how much I miss the heat and intensity of my vinyasa practice and how the flow is what aggravates my injury. Back in March, I tried a heated hatha class in DC which I loved, So.... I think I'm going to try a 30-day bikram yoga challenge once playoffs are over. One of my friends used to teach bikram and is doing a 30-day challenge in Portsmouth. As FH dies down, I'm going to hit a class or two with her and she how things go. I'm definitely hoping I'll get the bug and do 30 days at the Portland bikram studio!

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