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Hello! My husband and I are on day 14! We happened to come across the Whole9 website Sept. 30th and decided we'd do it NOW.


I want to know who else hasn't eaten meat in a LONG TIME, but is considering? My story is below, but feel free to scroll past it to the question.


I quit eating meat at 9 years old. And I quit drinking soda at 10. I guess I've always been fearful of my health for some reason. I grew up on canned vegetables, packaged meat, boxed cereal and local seafood, ice cream and pizza and chips. In high school I would eat oreos covered in peanut butter. I thought I was healthy because I didn't eat meat!


I wasn't a heavy drinker until AFTER college. I traveled a lot for work, and saw how overweight everyone was, so I started to seriously count calories, sugar and sodium. Because, I was eating mostly packaged food that would travel well. Tuna packets, granola bars... oatmeal packets...


I was vegetarian (9-20, I was vegan (21-23), I was raw vegan(23-25 then I moved to alaska and you're dreaming if you want to eat all raw in the bush!


I was also on birth control. My hair was falling out. I would wake up to angiodema for weeks. MY face was so swollen I slurred my words. We decided it was the birth control. My mouth was covered in 'poison ivy' which was an allergy to cashews.


I've been gluten free for two years, my husband almost one. However I was still having issues (same ol story), and here I am. I'm overhauling our kitchen. I am obessed with making raw 'treats' and chocolate nut butters and paleo banana bread and protien pancakes and etc.


SO, now I think I'm intolerant to almonds, unless the acne I'm experiencing week 3 is normal?


After being a runner since childhood, I'm now primarily bodybuilding, but a fairly recent crossfit convert.


That being said, I like to gain! And I was loading up on fish and eggs. We run a poultry farm, so there is plenty of free range meat. I roasted a chicken for my husband the other night and I found myself wanting some! However, it's been so long that is felt like a foreign food to me. I could touch it, but not bring it to my mouth, I'm sure it's mental.


Anyone else practicing pescetarian paleo? Anyone else come to the meat side from raw vegan or the like??


Quitting birth control was the first most important thing I've done for my health. Quitting alcohol 3 years ago was the second, and I have a feeling whole 30 is the biggest step I've taken for my health.


I'm ready to take my health to the next level!


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Hi! I have absolutely no insight to this situation, having always been a meat-eater, but I remembered reading this article, and thought it might help you: http://www.whole9life.com/2013/02/eating-meat-a-primer-for-the-meat-challenged-2/  -- Melissa's situation seems to be similar to yours.


Anyway, best of luck on the rest of your Whole30!

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