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What am I doing?


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For about 6-8weeks my 4yo has been up every single morning at 6am for a poo (TMI I know!)  She doesn't have confidence yet in wiping herself so shouts for me or Daddy which wakes us and her little sister.  It is driving us crazy. 

She also complains that she is always hungry and I don't know what more to give her that will fill her up and sustain her.

Average daily food

7:30am veggie omelette, sometimes with extra pork tenderloin or chicken thigh

on the way to school a handful of almonds and a brazil nut

9:30-10 a peice of fruit at school

12ish a school lunch (they are very good and cater for our requirements)

2pm a snack that I send her to school with, a Lara bar or an egg or seeds etc

5pm dinner at home; meatballs and veggies or 2 chicken thighs and veggies


She will then complain before 7 (bedtime) that she is hungry and then despite going to the loo before bed, is still up at 6am going to the bathroom and will basically refuse to go back to sleep so sings in her room for an hour which also keeps the rest of the house awake.


DDoes anyone have any idea how I can tweak her diet that will avoid the early morning poo call?

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wow - she sounds like she eats fantastically for a 4yo!


is she full at meals, or could she eat more? perhaps adding some more fat may help fill her up a bit? what about starchy vegies - does she get those too?


I've no idea about the poo situation, sorry! she sounds cute...but i'm sure being woken up every single day isn't fun for you :P

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Maybe try adding some sweet potato to her breakfast and add something more fiberous as her afternoon snack, like apple slices w/almond butter, jicama w/guacamole, little bag of raw veggies w/olives.

Also maybe more starchy veg at dinner.

Maybe she just needs a little more fiber in each day to get her to use the bathroom in the evening?

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I have followed my kids' poops over the years (that's 19 cumulative poop-observing years) and you are going to drive yourself nuts if your goal is changing your daughter's poop timing. It will change if she naturally ends up sleeping later. I suggest instilling confidence in her that her wiping is sufficient (or offering to wipe her when it is wake-up time) and starting a reward system for remaining quiet in her bed until wake-up time.

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