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Tara's log

Tara Branch

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I started the Whole 30 on July 2. Have had none of the problems that people talk about so thought I would start posting to make sure I am not doing anything wrong.



3 eggs in coconut oil, avacado, tomato and coffee wtih coconut milk


roasted chicken, mixed squash with tomato


spinach and aragula salad with bacon and egg, avacado/basil dressing from Nom Nom Paleo, berries with coconut milk



3 eggs (coconut oil) coffee with coconut milk


salmon with ghee and capers, slaw with veggies and avacado/basil dressing


same as last night

Did not make it to CrossFit either day.

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Your log looks really good. 3 meals a day, protein/veggies/fat in every meal.

If you do snack, make sure your snacks are just mini meals…protein, veggies and fat.

Also, when you do workout, consider adding a pre and post work out snack.

So far, so good! Nice job!

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pre workout almonds (was running LATE!)

post/breakfast 3 eggs in coconut oil, 1/2 sweet potato

lunch - blew it here because I forgot to take my avacado/basil dressing and had a greek salad with chicken,,, WAYYYYY too small a serving of protien made me realize how very important protien is!

dinner bison burger with onions sauteed in ghee, ratatouille and watermelon

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