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whole30 successes


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Reading everyone's whole30 successes and stories made my journey easier so I guess it's time to post mine!



  • control over my eating
  • a sense of what "healthy" really is
  • even more excellent sleep
  • feeling amazing, not bloated and puffy
  • a better psychological disposition (I felt thinner -from lack of inflammation, strong and healthy!)
  • self-restraint and healthy replacement habits (which is a constant battle)
  • clothes - in my closet that were uncomfortable are now comfortable
  • a sense of what foods affect my body and how (one of my 2 whole30 goals)


  • calorie counting (this is HUGE & was the goal of my whole30)
  • the need to exercise for the only reason of burning calories
  • hunger.  I wasn't ever hungry
  • sugar crashes - all gone!
  • the battle of "moderation" - it doesn't exist.
  • pounds (8 of them)
  • inches (8 of them)
  • body fat (2%)

Now, I'm definitely struggling now to get in the swing of things - it's an entirely different mental game, but I have learned so much about myself and my habits through this process and I can't be thankful enough that I found It Starts with Food.  

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