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Health Screening Numbers Are In.. What do I need to do?


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It's been a while since I did whole 30, last January/February to be exact. Actually I did a Whole 60. Since that time I have been on and off the wagon of staying compliant to down right falling into the trenches. I have been traveling for work a lot since June and super huge stress levels to add to it..my routine exercise has also suffered and I am feeling/seeing the effects.. I am planning to jump back on the wagon full force and get myself feeling better again but I recently had my annual health screening and I wanted to see what people thought...


I am curious, when eating Paleo should put much weight in the cholesterol "normal" ranges?? The nurse practitioner told me I need to eat less meat and more whole grains (yes, the medical community is still hanging onto that notion) According to the doctor, my numbers are good.. but are they??   I would like to hear what Paleo professionals think.


Female- 37

165 lbs(about 20-30 lbs  heavier than I should be)


Fasting glucose 79 (should be below 85.. I personally would like to see this lower.. is that reasonable?

Total Cholesterol 173

HDL- 56 (range is apparently 40-59)

LDL  108 (this is the bad stuff and it's supposed be less than 100 but not greater than 129 before the MD starts talking about meds which I won't do)


Triglycerides- 48- (should be less than 150)


Cholesterol to HDL ratio is 3.0- this is within the low risk range of  2.2 to 5.0)


Thanks for any feedback.






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Thanks.. KB0426- I just see that number creeping up over the last couple of years.. a trend that makes me a bit nervous (diabetes is in the genetics). The NP thought the numbers were really good.. I am just making sure I am not being overly confident!


I have read some other articles over the years that people who eat primal and/or Paleo may have higher cholesterol numbers and that it is ok.. because the thinking is that cholesterol  isn't as bad as conventional medicine has us believe.


Can anyone expound on this??

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The total number for cholesterol is almost meaningless. Here is some good info about it http://chriskresser.com/the-diet-heart-myth-cholesterol-and-saturated-fat-are-not-the-enemy


The ratios are important. Your HDL vs Triglycerides is very good, it should be under 2.


I hear you about the FBG. Mine is at 95 no matter what I eat. I have eaten no carbs for a week and it's still 95. Like you, I have diabetes in the family so I am concerned about it. But at least it's not over 100.

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