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Starting October 19!


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Hello Whole30-ers!


I'm planning on starting the Whole30 combined with my currentish KetoPaleo diet. (This past week has been crazy, so not actually following at the moment but I have been mostly doing a diet for the past month and a bit.) Most of you probably won't know what I'm talking about, as it's a paid service, and I'm not going to advertise for them here but for those of you who know what I'm talking about please let me know! It's basically a support system (plus amazing food tracking/macro calculating website) where you plug in the foods you're going to eat for the day and it'll let you know if your macros are correct. It's keto so pretty low on carbs and high on fats, but I found it easy enough to follow when I wasn't unprepared and hungry. I reeeeeally liked the website because I didn't have to count calories or macros.


I did a few tests by plugging in my food in MFP and found I was ranging between 800-900 calories per day - lots of fat though, so I wasn't hungry most of the time. Fruit wasn't allowed (except for tomatoes, bell peppers, and avocados) which was probably the hardest part for me, but it got easier over time (until I cheated and started craving sugar all the time again.


I'm pretty short, 5ft 3", and when I registered for KetoPaleo they asked me to measure my wrist (I think 5 1/2 or 5 3/4 inches) and apparently I'm supposed to have a smallish frame. Has anyone done this? I've been a bit chubby my entire life but my sister's super thin (in a she-looks-sick kind of way, but still). Based on my body fat percentage (Navy), I'm obese, but will be doing measurements Saturday morning so I can share details then.


Note: I don't look obese. I weight around 130lbs. But I carry too much weight in my belly (which is a health risk, I know), and it went down drastically when I was following the KetoPaleo diet without cheating. I think a major reason is that a ) I'm lactose intolerant, and I suspect I have a lot of other intolerances like sugars and b ) I ignore the fact that eating some stuff makes me feel like crap and I eat it anyways. So I'm perma-bloated.


One more note: I'm starting to take some homeopathic medicine for my tummy issues, but I forgot them at home today so I'll also post their details next time. My grandpa's a homeopathic doctor and he had it made up especially for me, so we'll see if that helps in addition to eating better.


I'll be prepping meals over the next couple of days to get started, but if anyone has any advice for me, I'm all ears. :) And low-carb recipes would be awesome as well!






PS. Since I'll be keto-fying this diet, please don't tell me to add fruits, nuts, coconut, etc. to my diet, and keep in mind that I'll probably be eating more fat than some people. This way of eating has worked for me, but I understand it's not for everyone... so don't criticize me just because you haven't tried it/it doesn't work for you!

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I don't think you are ready to do a Whole30. You are doing your keto-Paleo thing and that really doesn't fit with the Whole30. So when you get finished with what you are doing, if you are still not happy with your health, come back and follow our basic plan. 


Lots of people think that creating hybrid programs is a good thing. I don't. Hybrids are a whole different thing and you can't expect the results of either program that you have tried to merge. 

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I have no idea about the other program you're on, but I'm struggling to understand how you know your macros from entering your food) but you're not calorie counting. It's all one in the same - you will be manipulating your food intake to meet certain requirements, which may serve a purpose in some situations but isn't whole 30.

800-900 calories a day is not healthy, nor is there that much fat included - especially for someone barely eating carbs. You sound like you're trying to justify your diet to yourself....which rings alarm bells for me.

If weight loss is an aim, starving yourself is not the answer for long term success or good health.

( fwiw, I am currently tracking macros as I'm preparing for a comp - I hate it compared to the freedom of a whole 30, but that's another issue - I nearly eat your total daily calories just in fat. Then I add carbs and protein. I'm losing fat but not weight!)

The whole 30 isn't a diet. With a few tweaks it's completely sustainable long term. Like Tom suggested, I don't think combining the two programs will work. Whatever you choose, please eat more!

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