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My whole 30 review


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My Whole 30 Review


            I started the whole 30 on 09-16-2013. I can not express how much this has changed my life and the way I view food. It changed all my patterns in the way I eat and how I employ my self-control. It cured my indigestion that I have had almost every night for the past 3 years. My skin and body both look and feel healthier than I have ever looked or felt before. 



            The first week was horrid. I felt like crap and thought that I was doing more damage to myself than good. All I could think about was cravings and how much fun it would be to have that candy bar on a Friday night or to have a drink or to have some kind of dessert. I totally felt like I was going to miss out on all of the fun feelings food brought me. Food was my relaxer. During this week I had a nagging consistant headache and I was hungry a lot of the time. My thoughts this week mostly consisted of “If I only had something substantial, I would feel better, or at least half way normalâ€. I was depressed a lot of this first week and I didn't know what to do with myself besides sit with my thoughts and learn to channel them another way, actually let them go, and actually accept that I was making this life change for myself. This is where I had to make a choice, and my choice was to move forward. Instead of taking it day by day this week, I really had to take it minute by minute. It was a slow week.


            The second week I had a lot of cravings but I knew I was going to be okay. I was really tired and all I wanted to do was take naps, which I never do. I wanted to work out but only could do mini workouts because that's all my body could take. Every time I went to the grocery store, I would pass by food that my mind craved but it became easier to walk by because I knew my body no longer deserved it, In learning more about myself throughout this process, I observed how many people are food addicts and don't even realize it. I was done thinking that a treat for my body meant having chocolate or having a beer was some kind of reward.


            The third week! I did it! I made it! This was a turning point for me. My choices are on point, I got my energy back, I started working out again and I noticed a significant amount of changes happening in my body. I was more than satisfied off the food I ate and I loved it. I completely loved the way I felt. I now know the difference between what my body wanted and what my mind wanted. This is the feeling that everyone had written about on there reviews. I never thought that I would know what it was like to not desire the old foods that made me feel sluggish and that I craved every night. I now know how to not over indulge in my meals and I am a lot slower of an eater than when I first started. I do not get sick of the food I now choose to eat! There are so many ways to cook different things, you just have to get creative.

            Well this is my last day of the whole 30 and of course I am going to continue. My husband and I are going out for our anniversary dinner, following that we will start the whole 30 process all over again. This program totally works and it takes you way back to the basics of eating. It took a lot of willingness to change. There is a shift that takes place with yourself when you do this. It really comes down to loving yourself and treating your body with the respect that it deserves. It really taught my mind to quiet down and most of all it taught patience with myself.


            I will never go back to the old way of eating. Its not worth it. Especially with the way this makes you feel. Thanks whole 30, you got your message across. 

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