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Fibrocystic Disease of Breast


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Hello All!

I've been following whole9, went to a workshop, read ISWF, and completed 5 successful whole30's over the past 3 years. I have completely cut out all grains, legumes, soy, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. I do still drink coffee (black) and have my ocassional "off roads". My vice is French fries and my weekly beer or mixed drink.

I've been experiencing breast soreness for over two weeks that progressively became worse. I developed a noticeable mass. I went to the doctor to have it checked right away. She diagnosed me with "Fibrocystic Breast Disease". I do have a scheduled mammogram and ultrasound to rule out cancer. I'm 36 years old and my grandmother had breast cancer at my age.

The advice I was given by the doctor to reduce the pain (it was very painful) was a "low fat" diet, cut out caffeine, and low salt. I don't like taking any over the counter medicines or prescriptions unless I absolutely have to. So, I have not!

My question is has anyone who follows this lifestyle ever experienced this and if so, what is "low fat"? I eat avocados, coconut oil, evoo, daily. And of course the fat in meats.

I cut back my coffee to 1/2 a cup and the pain is already less. I will go cold turkey this weekend because I know I'll get horrible withdrawal headaches. I can already hear Melissa and Dallas say something like " if you need it that bad, get rid of it." Ha ha!

I'm a long distance runner as well and I'm worried about taking out any fat in my diet.

Any advice or thoughts would be helpful. The pain feels like I'm breast feeding and super engorged, so if diet can help this, I'm on board! I already know and reap so many benefits from eating Paleo!


Brandy Merwin

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Question for you - what kind of salt do you use?  Do you get a good dose of iodine?  There's a lot of talk out there about fibrocystic breasts and iodine, specifically an iodine deficiency.  Breast cells have the highest concentration of iodine, even greater than the thyroid, so a lack of it can cause problems.  Here's a link to a source that I trust: http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2011/oct2011_The-Silent-Epidemic-of-Iodine-Deficiency_01.htm?source=search&key=fibrocystic%20breast%20iodine


In addition, Dr. Brownstein (I think that's his name) has an easy-to-read book about iodine and, among other things, its role in fibrocystic breasts.  I take a supplement (this one: http://www.bioticsresearch.com/node/2773) per my doctor for my thyroid, but you can get iodine from food sources as well.  There are also salt/seaweed seasonings (like this: http://www.vitacost.com/maine-coast-sea-vegetables-sea-seasonings-sea-salt-with-sea-veg) to help you get your iodine in.  


I'm not saying a lack of iodine is your problem, but it's a good thing to at least look into and is easy to correct naturally.  Most doctors aren't aware of or don't think iodine deficiency is a thing anymore these days, but if you're not using iodized salt and don't live near a coast or eat lots of seafood, it's easy to be deficient.  


I agree - cutting caffeine will likely help as well.  


Good luck!

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Great topic.  This was something that I thought about as well because I have the same ailment.  Drs always say caffeine and fat intake (reduce both).  I was hoping the the better selection in fats, this might alleviate pain.  I've had this since my late teens.  I've gone thru some periods of low fat and low caffeine.  I honestly can't say I've ever noticed any change.  However the come and go nature of the paid makes it hard to correlate.


My pain is sporadic.  Usually hits about twice a month and I've never been able to tie it totally to my cycle.


I have my fingers crossed this healthier eating might have a positive impact.  We'll see, I'm on day 11.  I've definitely still had it...but no worse than normal.


If anyone else out there shares our ache and have found anything that helps - please share.


Otherwise - so sorry about the news gb.  I am so glad you're getting the full array of testing particularly with family history. I hope it gets better for you!!!!  

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