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4 days to my 1st whole30!! any advice??


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Good luck! And prepare your house and fridge, etc. as much as you can and plan for success! Be prepared for the changes that will happen and take them in stride.


And remember... it is only 30 days. 


I finished my first whole30 while on an all-inclusive holiday in Spain. 



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Karyna's advice to prepare your kitchen etc is good. Try to get family members on your side - that doesn't mean force-feeding them your meals but hopefully they will eat what you cook. 


Stick to the meal template and eat enough so that you don't need snacks. For the first couple of days I experience psychological hunger - not really hungry but my brain thinks I should be after years of those awful first days of calorie restriction. 


And the best tip of all - read every label for every packaged food you buy. You will be surprised what lurke within seemingly innocent offerings. 


Oh yes - I went away for a week's holiday while on Whole30  - totally doable. :)

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