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Day 28, no real results, should I have done autoimmune version I have celiac?

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Well, I made it 28 days following the regular program guidelines though I am celiac (found out 2 yrs ago at age 39).  My skin looks great (I was a sugar junkie), I am satisfied on three meals a day and I'd say I don't have the same moodswings. My torso leaned out a smidge though I didn't lose really any weight. 


I started this to see if I could get rid of my remaining lower back pain as I suspect it may be due to inflammation and because I was hoping to shed a few extra pounds.  No change in either of those departments.  In addition, the last week I've been plagued by needing to "be near home" if you know what I mean.  The only thing I can think of is that perhaps it's eating chili (chili powder, cayenne, tomatoes, red peppers) and maybe too much coconut or something?  Or maybe it's eggs?   Or nuts?


I'm stumped and wondering if anyone can advise a little more specifically than the book did on what folks like me experience on the regular vs. autoimmune modified plan.  I really don't want to also cut out all those other things as I'm not sure what I'd have left to eat but I also want to really know if this back pain is food related or not.  


Help...doing this for 30 more days if it's not likely to make a difference isn't something I want to embark on.    



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You have better skin, better relationship with food, better mood,slimmer mid section...but no real results? I think they sound like pretty good positives to me!

Remember, this isn't a weight loss plan - many do experience weight loss as a benefit, but promoting healthy bodies is more important! You will feel benefits at different times - depending on your background, your body may take longer to heal....I would suggest this is likely to be your case. Now you've tried the normal whole 30, experimenting with the AI protocol may be your next step to see if your symptoms subside. Perhaps someone else with more knowledge and experience with AI can help you out with likely benefits.

In regards to your BM's....could you post a few days of food for us to perhaps pinpoint any issues? Have you incorporated any new foods recently that could have caused the change?

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I would echo Amber's comments. 


I used to have routine problems with lower back pain that had nothing to do with inflammation. It was tight leg muscles. I did not realize what the problem was until I started practicing yoga and the lower back pain disappeared. When I stopped practicing yoga routinely, my lower back pain returned until I started stretching with some yoga poses on a daily basis. The reason I mention this is that doing routine stretches in the gym did not help me with the lower back problem. And visits to a several different chiropractors did not lead to a solution. I only discovered what was going on and how to fix it after spending time working with a skilled, Iyengar yoga teacher. 


There is plenty to eat doing an AI protocol Whole30: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Shopping-List-Autoimmune.pdf


There are now AI cookbooks available. Here is one: http://www.whole9life.com/2013/08/introducing-the-paleo-autoimmune-cookbook/

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THanks for the thoughtful replies!  THe tight leg muscles may be something I need to work on...guess i need to find some good stretches to do though I had been doing hot yoga for a year and had a deep tissue massage gal and it didn't get rid of the pain.  And "massage" is a generously kind word for the searing pain that woman inflicted.


What I've been eating -

B: grass fed burger patty, coconut oil sauteed broccoli pile, 1/4c cashews

L: taco meat, 1/2 avocado, 1/2c red pepper, 1c cauliflower rice, 1/3c coconut flakes (bobs red mill)

D: chicken with homemade mayo (clothesmakethegirl), celery, carrots in butter lettuce wrap with 1/2c crushed macadamia nuts on top

no snacks, LOTS of water - usually hot water


B: 2 hard boiled eggs, two thumbs mayo, 1/4c celery, 

L: applegate turkey, 3c raw spinach, chopped carrots, chopped red peppers, balasamic vinegar, EVOO, 1/4c chopped cashews 

D: paleo chili (whole30 compliant), 1/3 can full fat coconut milk, big handful of carrots.


every few days I eat a sweet potato, also mix in olives, etc.   the last week I had more chili and nightshades than normal which makes me think it's partly to blame for my digestion issues, heartburn n such.  Before I was diagnosed with celiac I had a lot of issues with tomatoes and chili pepper n cayenne...major heartburn.


I have been pretty diligent about following the meal plan, am not a crazy workout person...really just a brisk 4 mile walk with my dogs daily and some planks n stuff to help my core.  Run 30 minutes 2-3 times a week.

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I wouldn't say full AIP, but I would suggest that you pull out foods that you already suspect you have problems with, as well as the nuts. (it looks like you're eating them a little too often than I'd recommend for a person with an existing AI condition)


If you don't suspect issues with eggs, i'd just pull out the nightshades and the nuts and see what happens. Incremental changes are a big victory for you, even if it might not feel that way.

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I have Celiac, too. I've noticed on the bags of Bob's Red Mill coconut flakes that there usually isn't the gluten free tag which leads me to believe that it is not gluten free. I've always had issues with BRM stuff that doesn't have the gluten free symbol on it. 


Otherwise, I'm not sure, I'm only on day 12 of W30.

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