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Making Whole30 fun!


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I'm on day 19 and actually enjoying this :) ! Initially, I thought it would be stressful and daunting, but I'm making it fun. Last weekend I went to Crate and Barrel and got some nice clear glass food containers with white lids...when I got home I cooked up some proteins and vegetables, washed the fruits, and cleared an eye level space in my fridge. So now, my family is attracted to the good stuff when they open the fridge! One day, I chopped a bunch of onions and put them in the slow cooker with ghee...yum...and they can be mixed with my meat and vegetables. Yesterday, I made the mayo from the book...it turned out great and was delicious on my steak and vegetables. I also went to the small Farmer's market they have at my workplace and got more veggies...eventually, I will have a full Paleo kitchen--with the best spices, gadgets, pantry, etc.--although I wish I had it all right now, I am enjoying the process of getting there one step at a time. I'm so happy that I've finally found the right way to eat and take care of myself and my family....Sara

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