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Any teenagers out there doing the Whole30?


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I am 18 and I started my Whole30 for the first time yesterday, October 21st. Are there any teens out there making this lifestyle change too?

I live in a non-paleo household, in fact, most of my family eats pretty poorly. So I'm doing this all on my own, with no help! I'd love to get some support or share goals, and just help motivate any other teens who are doing the Whole30.

My primary reasons for doing a Whole30 (for the first time ever) are to balance my hormones, heal my digestive issues, improve my energy, improve my skin, and lose some weight.

I've had poor food choices for a while now mostly because of emotional issues and using unhealthy foods to cope. I am really trying hard to beat the sugar dragon! I have had an eating disorder in the past, and that severely messed up my health, primarily my hormones and digestive system. So I'm trying to start a new lifestyle and continue recovery.

My Whole30 is a combination of physical and emotional healing, and I hope to grow as a person from this experience.

I'd love support from anyone in a similar position really. And I hope everyone's Whole30 experience is a life changing one! We can do it!!!! :)

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Congratulations on a huge step in your health journey. My daughter and her friend, both 16 did a Whole30 in September. Both Moms did it as well. I'm continuing with it. It certainly helped my daughter to have a friend doing it with her. Be prepared for some hard days. The timeline is helpful at pointing out common struggles. Also, you may want to give it more than 30 days to repair the damage done from past eating choices. That is why I'm still on it. You can do it. You are worth it.

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