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I started the Whole30 on Oct. 19th


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Today is Day 4 for me. I felt HORRIBLE yesterday but today is a pretty good day! I'm a 1st timer @ this and I think because I started my program on a Sat. and I stayed home, cooked, shopped and stocked my pantry all weekend that Mon. (aka work) was very, very hard. The Daily emails and the Forum have been great companions, life-savers even.  I am really out of my comfort zone here ~ new foods, so much reading, cooking 3 meals a day but I'm leaning so much about myself ~ the good, the bad, the ulgy, the beautiful, the empowered, the Rock Star! If anyone else is on Day 4 and wants to take the journey w/me, please right back.  In the meantime, I gather great inspiration from reading the posts of others.  

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