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I'm on day 5 and feel GREAT!  Thankfully haven't hit any of the timeline issues so far, but I ate fairly close to the W30 before starting.  I've never scrutinized my labels for the hidden sugar/sulfites, etc, and just cleaned out my cubbards yesterday.  Anyone heard of these additives, and are they ALL off-limits?  They were not all in the same item, but this is my list:


yeast extract

calcium chloride

Non-GMO canola oil

locust bean gum

gellan gum


And are plantains ok?  I have a great plantain baked chip recipe that I'd like to substitute for my baked sweet potato "fries."  [slice plantain thin, toss with 1-2 tbs EVOO, chili powder, paprika and some salt, bake for 15 mins).


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Yeast extract might be okay. Here is a discussion of the topic:


Everything else is okay during a Whole30. Canola oil is a poor choice, but remains acceptable during a Whole30.  

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