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Question about seasoning and oils?


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Hi everyone! I am new to this site and the whole 30 diet.  I was introduced by my co worker who is starting in November and I after doing some research and realizing I really need to change, I am going to do it with her and some other co workers who have decided to join!  I am really excited.  


Right now, I am doing my research and getting ready for starting. I just bought the book late last night and haven't read it yet. So maybe my question will be answered in there...but I thought I would go to the pros here for now :)


As a side job, I sell a product called Wildtree.  We are a certified organic company that sells high quality herbs and spices.  Along with other organic food choices too...(not whole30 approved, hehe, chocolate mousse....yum...).  Anyways, I use  the spices a lot on my chicken or salmon already.  Our products don't have any MSG, HFCS, or preservatives and peanut free.  


So my question is, can I continue using these herbs to season my chicken and salmon?  I also use our grapeseed oil for cooking too.  Thoughts?  


Thank you and I look forward to gaining my life back!




Here is the site if you are interested... 


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I looked at a few of the blends and I think it will depend on which ones you want to use. For example, the Bayou Blend looks fine to me - it's all spices I have in my cabinet. The adobo one looks OK, except I'm not sure about "vegetable fiber." Hopefully one of the mods will weigh in. The Ranch seasoning has dairy and maltodextrin (dried buttermilk and cultured whey) so that one's out.


I think the book will help narrow it down a lot, but basically if it's truly a spice blend with no additives, it's probably fine. If there's anything added like cornstarch, dried milk, or other additives, that's much more likely to not be fine.

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Jent103 is right. You have to look at the ingredients of each spice blend to see if it is okay during a Whole30.


You can use grapeseed oil, but it is a bad choice. Grapeseed oil is high in omega6 fatty acids. Most of us get way to many omega6 and need a lot more omega3. Every time you use an oil that is high in omega6, you make it that much more difficult for you to achieve a good balance between 6s and 3s. 

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