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Tomorrow's travel crisis


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Tomorrow my best friend and I are taking our last monthly trip to Atlanta. All season we've gone down once a month and had a say at Six Flags. It's the last weekend they are open and I've been so excited about the trip until it just hit me today... What on earth am I going to eat!

I leave my house around 5 am when we go, so I will just have an early breakfast at home and take a small snack with me to eat later in the morning, the next problem comes with lunch.

We never eat at the theme park, we always wait until we leave and have lunch somewhere in town. Tomorrow our trip will be to the local food truck park.


Anyone had any luck with finding good foods at a food truck?

I'm a littler concerned about this trip.


We will be home in time for a late dinner, so luckily my only issue is going to be lunch.

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Not being able to eat what everyone else is eating is hard - BUT a food truck/food court setup is great, because you can still eat at the same time everyone else does even if you're eating out of your cooler! You can always check out the food trucks and see if there's anything that looks promising - if there's a burger truck, maybe they'll do a bunless burger with no cheese and have some condiments that are compliant. I've also ordered tacos before and just eaten the filling, leaving the tortillas. But to be safe I'd pack a cooler or some shelf-stable things, especially if you don't know what kinds of food trucks there will be or don't want to ask a lot of questions.


The first weekend of my Whole30 I had already planned a road trip with friends. We stopped at Arby's for lunch and I had my tuna salad. It was a little annoying, but I guarantee you I felt better than they did afterward!

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