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Starting Sunday or Monday


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Hey all,

This is my first post here and my first "real" Whole30. I did one with the kiddos back in May but it wasn't perfect. The first wk was but we slipped with several things as the wks went on. I still concidered it a success.

This time it's just me. I have Celiac and multiple food sensitivities/allergies so I eat Paleo and pretty healthy overall. My vices are Peanut Butter, I can eat several spoons in a sitting(!), and sweet things even if they are "healthy" (ie: cocoa, coconut oil, frozen berries, and stevia-I just eat too much of it!). Am looking to drop 5 lbs but mostly to develope better eating patterns and continue healing my gut.

I really need the accountability, anyone need that too?

Anyway, just sayin hi!

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