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Day 2 and feeling bloated


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I started my whole30 yesterday and felt great! I have been having stomach issues for the last year with bouts of bloating, cramping etc. so I was happy to feel so good yesterday. Today I am feeling very bloated and I am not sure if that's normal?


Today I ate:


Breakfast: onions/peppers/mushrooms stir fried in coconut oil and then I scrambled in a few eggs & coffee with a bit of coconut milk

Lunch: Baked sweet potato topped with some sausage. Banana ( light on veggies but I was running out the door and this is what I had on hand)

Dinner: Chicken breast, carrots stir fried in coconut oil, broccoli


Any ideas?


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It's not unusual to have an inconsistent stomach during the beginning of your whole 30, especially if you're making lots of dietary changes.

You mention having these issues over the past year - have you noticed they coincide with anything in particular? If they don't settle down, you may consider experimenting with what you're eating. FODMAPs can cause issues in many people, or it could simply be a higher intake of fibre than you're used to.

Make sure you stay hydrated, and keep in a variety of vegies - both fibrous and non. You might consider eating your vegies cooked over raw as well, this may help digestion

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Once you get about a week of Whole 30 under your belt, then you will really feel better and some of those issues of bloating will go away.  Your body will do some "weird" things at first and then it normally levels out.  Make sure to drink lots of water.  I know that sounds funny since we are talking about bloating but that seemed to help me.  I felt heavier the first week and then started to feel great after that.  Be aware that day 5 and 6 are tough for many.  It makes you really tired.  I couldn't get off the couch all weekend.  Good luck to you!

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Do keep on it, it make take a while since everyone is different but I think you will see the progress! I am on day 21 today and I didn't realize how good I was going to feel.  Just stay motivated and be patient.  Patience was the hardest part for me.  I wanted to feel amazing right away! I mean if I was going to do all of this wonderful eating, I wanted it to pay off.  Right? :D I have to say it really has thus far!

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Hi!  I need some help please! :)  Today is my day 3.  My stomach is a mess, like the other member mentioned above.  I usually have regular digestion, 3 bm's each day.  Since starting whole 30 I have had 0 bm's.  I'm not used to eating this much meat.  I usually eat meat once a day if that.  I had to go to walgreens and get something to help me go.


Also, my family isnt taking so well to all the new recipes I'm cooking.  My kids complain about everything!!  Since things arent taking off so great I've been really frustrated and feel like giving up on this.


What I really need is some encouragement and a buddy!!  I feel like I'm doing this on my own!!  :)  Thank you!

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