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1st whole 30 after 2 years of GF and mostly paleo

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Hi! I'm so excited to be doing my first whole 30 and getting my diet refocused where it should be. When we went gf 2 years ago we were doing GAPS for healing then paleo plus dairy (grassfed butter, raw milk, whole yogurt). As time went on we have been backsliding, adding in processed gf foods. At first it was very occasional, but it grew until I realized we aren't really feeling great anymore. We were still but strict on GF, but healthy? Not do much. Time for a change!

Last night I prepped veg and salad stuff, made sausage, and informed DH we are doing the 30. He's a little less gung-ho than I am, but I'm gonna stick either way. I've made huge strides in the last few years. I used to need weekly (sometimes 2x a week) massage/ Chiro/ acupuncture to deal with a car accident injury that severely compromised my range of motion and caused moderate to severe pain every single day. Now I can hit the Chiro every three weeks and remain functional...but I'm still having migraine issues on occasion. Plus I wonder if the injury could heal more...grateful for the reduction in daily pain, but complete elimination would suck, right?

Anyhow that's why I'm here!

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Day 1 breakfast:

2 eggs

Two small sausage patties

Monkey salad (bananas, coconut, almonds)

Small glass kombucha


I know I missed the veg, but hubby cooked because I am headed to migraine-ville. Sigh...I will make up for it! Took magnesium for the migraine, hopefully that'll head it off!

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Day 1: Lunch/ snack

Big salad with avocado dressing, carrots, peppers, celery, sautéed leeks w/ prosciutto and pomegranate seeds plus a fried egg

Avocado with lime and salt

Carrots and almonds

If you need a snack, try and make it a mini meal with protein, vegies and fat :)

Maybe have some vegies pre cooked/chopped so even if hubby gets cooking duty again, he's got no reason to leave them off the plate!

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Day 2 lunch

Salad greens sautéed leeks prosciutto avocado dressing steak from last dinner apple/coconut/almond salad

Day 2 dinner

Chicken apple sausages with sweet potato hash and fried eggs. Was going to have salad but was stuffed so let it go. Hash was not a hit... Now to figure what to do with the leftovers no one wanted. Sigh...

Day 3 breakfast

Fried eggs sautéed spinach with mushrooms peppers and onions homemade sausage patties kombucha

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Day 3 lunch veggie salad with leftover steak. Lara bar.

Day 3 dinner eggs with sausage and greens

Day 4 breakfast

Eggs with sausage and greens, monkey salad

Day 4 goes off the rails

Wow, yesterday was rough! I ran out of time fir lunch, so I switched lunch with my emergency snack (pecan Lara bar). Then when I got home I had a late lunch of mug of beef veggie soup (homemade stock, puréed carrots, celery, onions), leftover sweet potato hash and monkey salad.

At about 2:30 I became overwhelmingly nauseated. I wasn't tempted by the kiddos Halloween goodies...I spent the whole afternoon and evening trying not to toss my figurative cookies. No dinner. Just lots of water and ginger tea (hot water & grated ginger).

Day 5 breakfast

Woke up still nauseated. Ate eggs with greens, couldn't take the sausage. More ginger tea. Lots of water.

Day 5 lunch

Late again. Brought food knowing we would be out and about but three year old gave me the puppy dog face do he ate all the food. Stopped and bought a Lara bar. Does anyone actually like those? Lots of water. When I got home heated up leftover sweet potato hash and sautéed leeks with prosciutto. Would've added an egg but we were out so handful of almonds. Sigh.

Day 5 dinner

Made Hungarian beef stew with cinnamon, cloves, and paprika...baby onions carrots celery, roasted Brussel sprouts. Nausea finally abated. Bubbies pickle to top off dinner.

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Ok - I'm on day 14 now, but I just couldn't figure out how to login to the forum for over a week. Sigh...No setbacks, just cruising along eating right. I did get an unsweetened, just brewed iced tea a couple of days ago (I was going to abstain from caffeine for the whole 30 days, but my kids stayed up ALL NIGHt LONG the night before and I was draggin so hard). Anyhow, After about 4 sips I was done with it - the caffeine was insane, and I went back to peppermint tea. I still really miss chai...but I wonder how it'll actually be once I reintroduce it after Whole 30. Maybe coconut milk chai? 

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I have a herbal chai that I whizz up with coconut oil in the blender - it's surprisingly nice :) i'm used to chai being sweet - I would have it with honey or stevia prior to whole 30 - but the sweetness wasn't missed. I think the coconut oil adds a little sweetness, you could also use coconut butter or milk like you suggested :)

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