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Hello :)  I will be using this journal to post my food and exercise and sleep habits for the next three months.  I am tired of the ups and downs that my food habits have left me with and am ready to eat in a way that I know will give me the best life now and down the road.   I chose the long time period of three months because I want to establish more solid habits and be able to forget about some of the bad ones I have slipped into. 


I love playing with my little ones now and never want to have something in the way of me being there for them.  I am also in a career that involves motivating people and I know how much easier (and enjoyable) my job is when I am feeling good!  Sometimes, I feel like I just need sugar because the boost it gives my brain.  But just like a drug, this sugar boost isn't sustainable and has serious consequences!


So there it is.  I will be avoiding gluten and soy for sure.  I know that eggs, some dairy, sugar, peanuts, and corn are inflammatory for me right now so I will avoid those in general.  I am ok with the occassional glass of wine, legumes, brown rice protein powder, and occassional piece of GF bread or pasta.  These are things that I may have once or twice a month and don't find them to be disruptive to my health. 


This is what I would like to see change:


Consistent sleep pattern ( in bed by 10 and up by 7 to pray and exercise before the girls wake at 8 -- seems like plenty of sleep but I haven't been waking rested and many times get woken up by a child or my husband) 


Consistent energy!  (I have been hitting a severe energy drop mid-day)


Lose and maintain (about 8 lbs)


Feel fit (able to exercise and play on a moments notice)


Clear skin


Stable moods (feel social and ready for even the last minute plans)


Protect my eyesight, my blood vessel health, brain and memory, and my joints

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mini workout this morning and a short walk (20 mins) at work


B - turkey patty, sweet potatoes, cabbage and coconut oil

L - chicken, sunshine sauce, carrots, greens, spaghetti squash

S - same as above

D - a protein bar, chocolate strawberries and cashews ... what!? 

I also ate 4 square of chocolate today... No more sugar for now


Goal: get into bed by 9:45/read

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Oct 31


workout (20 mins interval)

pumpkin and protein

turkey, cabbage, coconut oil, a few raspberries

chicken salad, pesto/olive oil, squash, dynamic greens

paleo banana bread/butter, dyanmic greens

beef veg soup, celery/almond butter




there were eggs in the banana bread and I felt a little inflammation in my ankles from this :(

Better sleep last night and I got 45 minutes of downtime in the afternoon.


Its so awesome how much time you can get back eating healthily --- less time feeling lazy or tired, less time thinking about what you need to do next to get healthy, less time recovering from the junk food you ate....

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Kids are a pretty powerful motivator aren't they.  It's one of the reasons I wanted to get my body into better shape and I'm very thankful that I'm healthier and just more fun.  It's funny, too, how much waking up in the night to care for the kids impacts a night of sleep.  Ideally, I go to bed early and it seems like I'm getting a lot of hours, but I know it's not the same as a solid night's sleep.

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Thanks for sharing that EandK. I totally agree.  It seems like getting up for 15 minutes is more like an hour in terms of the amount of sleep you take away. 


I must confess, I ate some halloween candy today.  I told myself I would have one almond joy.... But then one turned into 5.... and then some icecream!  That is kind of the theme I've noticed with these sugar foods.  But when I have been eating well, I talk myself into this, just eat one lie.... i am writing this to be honest with myself.  Bottom line, sugar's "positive" effect is short and fleeting while its negative effects linger for a long time.

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Yeah, I had three packs of Halloween M&M's.  It happened so quickly.  I knew I'd probably have something, but I was rather hoping I'd keep it contained to the pumpkin custard I made or things of that sort.  But, in the scheme of things, I only had three packs which is far less than before.  Learning to interact in a balanced way with these sugary treats takes a lot of diligence and reflection so you don't drift too far off track. I sometimes think I'm eating just like my old ways, but then I realize that what I'm doing is a whole lot better than before.  Five almond joys and some ice cream - yeah, not the best, but not as bad as it could be.

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:)   Very true


I didn't sleep well last night (probably the sugar followed by looking at my computer screen to late) so today is all about eating the best I can to support my energy.  One of my girls has been waking up earlier too so I have lost out on the quiet me time in the AM for now.  I hope to find time in the evening.


B - turkey, chard, coconut oil, butternut squash, coconut butter  and some coffee!

S - 1/2c nuts and 2 pieces of dried mango

L -  chicken, greens, olive oil, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes

S - beef veg soup, celery and almond butter

D - (date with the hubby/going out to eat) -  meat/veggies, glass of wine

30minute walk

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30 minute walk


feeling better after eating my meals yesterday but one day of eating well seems to bring on carb cravings the next day.  I know I need to just get past this shift to more fat burning zone (instead of eating chocolate chips and raisins!)  i am however, feeling very positive and happy and leaner today.


B - turkey, cabbage, coconut oil, blackberries

raisins and chocolate chips, almond butter  

L/S - chicken, asparagus, squash, coconut butter, salad, olive oil 

D - chocolate chili, spinach/squash

S - blackberries, sun butter

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Nov 7th


15 mins HIIT


chicken sausage, protein powder, blackberries, spinach, coconut oil

roast beef, pear, avocado, cucumber

1/2 banana and a few blackberries, 3 tbsp almond butter, tea

chicken thighs, sweet potato, coconut butter, red cabbage


I watched tv with my computer on right before bed last night and although I was so tired at 10:15 that I feel asleep very easily, I still aknowlege that this is too stimulating for a bedtime routine.  Also, with daylight savings, I have lost my one hour of me time in the AM.  I really miss it!! 

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I have been focusing on a modified whole 30 (per what I have found is fine for me in the past) but I have gotten off track at day 2!!!  Yesterday I ate some chocolate in teh afternoon.  I know its the day where my cravings for a simple carb are high and I need to focus and push through!  I have been feeling better despite these few foods which is awesome!  I am a better wife, friend, co-worker, employee, mother and daughter and that is priceless.  I have been listening to a podcast featuring Dr. Datis Kharrazian about the negative effects of high blood sugar and possibly autoimmunity activity on the brain ---- talk about motivation to eat this way day in day out.  I want to be thriving in my 80's too! 


Day 1 (Nov 9th)


B - pumpkin, blueberries, coconut milk, blueberries, protein powder

L - chocolate chili, squash, spinach

S - chicken, sweet potato, coconut oil, cabbage

D - veggies/meat/fat (eating out) and one glass of wine

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