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Chinese Takeout Replacement


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I made up this recipe in a moment when I really wanted Chinese takeout. It has all the stuff about Chinese takeout that I love (sans all the stuff that doesn't love me). This makes one serving.


You'll need:

1ish cup cooked spaghetti squash

cooked meat shredded by hand (I used chicken thigh meat)

generous handful of shredded sweet potato

a bit of shredded green cabbage (optional)

1 stalk of celery

coconut aminos

fresh chives (or green onion)


Saute a handful of shredded sweet potato, one stalk of chopped celery and a bit of shredded cabbage in oil (I used evoo and it tasted great)


Once sweet potato is cooked, add meat and spaghetti squash and some coconut aminos then add the chives.


salt and pepper to taste (shouldn't need much salt if you use lots of coconut aminos)


This does it for me - so simple, so yummy. The flavors are subtle and comforting.

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