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San Francisco?


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I'm stopping through San Francisco this weekend and having dinner with a friend. I know there is excellent food there because I go quite often but I haven't tried to eat so strictly there before. Anyone know of any restaurants where I can order a paleo/whole 30 style meal and not have to specialize the crap out of my order?



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Here's a list some friends put together for paleo restaurants but these are not strictly whole30 so you might want to do some research and ask questions first but they're good starting points.

Bang San Thai Tenderloin

  • anti-biotic free chicken from Fulton Valley Farms
  • They cook primarily with coconut oil
  • amazing red and green curries, get them in a bowl with no rice.
  • Tom Ka Gai coconut milk soup is out of this world.
  • The Papaya salad is also unbelievable,
  • website says they feature grass fed beef and lamb
  • The Thai owner/ cook understands about soy sauce and gluten so they are very considerate about any dietary needs or substitutions.

Green Chili Kitchen,Western Addition (near DMV)

  • Niman Ranch meats (not grass-fed?)
  • Mary's free range Rotisserie chicken.
  • make your own salad section of the menu where you pick your meat and veggies.
  • Get chili spiced rotisserie chicken,
  • salsa, guacamole,
  • sauteed zucchini squash

Il Cane Rosso Ferry Building

  • Mary's organic rotisserie chicken (non-gmo soy feed?)
  • Marin Sun Farms grass fed beef brisket
  • local farmer who raises animals in an responsible way.


  • various offal

Jakes on Market (4/2/12)

  • brussel sprouts with bacon and poached egg

  • marin sun farms grass fed burger (with bacon aioli!)
  • grass fed rib-eye
  • roasted chickens (not sure of source)

Let's Be Frank, Marina

  • These are 100% local grass fed hot dogs
  • coleslaw (sugar?)
  • pastured cheddar cheese
  • Applewood Berkshire bacon


  • local, fresh, seasonal

Nick's Crispy Taco's, Russian Hill

  • Niman Ranch meats (Factory farmed meats - not top quality but tasty)
  • Fulton Valley Farms free range poultry
  • fresh line caught seafood,
  • locally grown organic produce!
  • order salad with guacamole, and seafood or meat
  • homemade salsa

Prather Ranch (in ferry building) (4/2/12)

  • grass-fed burgers

  • no filler sausages


  • grass-fed burgers

  • assorted toppings including bacon, avocado, organic paleo friendly habanero sauce

Hog & Rocks

- meaty deliciousness.

The Plant Organic Cafe (3 locations)

Pier 3 btwn Washington & Broadway

Corner of Front St. and Pine St.

Corner of Steiner St. and Chestnut St.

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I am so happy to see this topic! I'm going to be in San Francisco for a few days at the end of August (right when I finish my W30) and I want to make sure I don't just go straight off the wagon the second I step out of the plane. I will most likely not be 100% compliant, but I certainly can handle being more compliant than not. Thanks for sharing, Johnny M!

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I'm reviving this. Will be in the San Francisco area for work in few weeks. I'm nervous about the conference and networking dinner portion of it, but I decided to stay a little bit longer and spend the weekend in San Francisco where I'll have free-rein to eat wherever I want! Haven't booked a hotel yet, but I might select one based on the proximity to some of these restaurants. :D They look delish and totally make me feel better about venturing out on my own.

If there are any Whole30-ers that want to meet me at one of your favorite compliant restaurants, just let me know!

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@Karen, I travel to SF almost every week for work, and I'm up there this Wednesday through Saturday again. I usually stay in Union Square, and I take a walk down to Market, cut over to Fourth, and walk it down to Whole Foods a block past Moscone. That Whole Foods opens at 8 am, and they've got a pretty good breakfast buffet, which typically includes guacamole, tuna, turkey, and a bunch of different organic raw vegetables and salads with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a few other dressing choices. It's usually my go-to place for breakfast, since I can pick up some Gerolsteiner or grab a pretty decent cup of organic coffee right there and make a nice breakfast. I've done my research, since I go there so often, and in my opinion it's the cleanest breakfast I can find in terms of knowing what ingredients are in the food, exactly how it's cooked, and where it's sourced, for the most part.

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Just went to the Thai place and I'm pretty sure there was sweetener in the tom Kha and green curry.   I asked several times to have dishes with no sweetener, but after a week on the whole 30 I couldn't eat it, it was so sweet!  

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