Whole30 Plank in November?


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I managed 68 seconds, had a 30 second rest and did another 45 seconds. 


Disappointed to have failed the challenge as set down but OK as I am on Day 2 of a new Whole30 and feeling a bit empty. I am also able to plank for more than a minute which I couldn't do 2 weeks ago :)

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Yesterday was my first failure. I managed 75 seconds and then a rather feeble 25 seconds after a minute rest. But it was only a couple of hours after a big steak supper and I was ready for bed. 


Will try to get today's done before I eat supper 

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Keep remembering the bloke i heard of who could plank for 17 minutes


I'd get bored i think ;)

I think there is a school of thought that says that any longer than a couple of minutes is a waste of time. Better off doing several shorter planks. For 17 minutes your abs would be in tip top condition and not need it.


In my dreams.............

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I am giving this a miss today. My husband has an appointment at a chest pain clinic and I am worried about it - it is affecting my sleep and mental stability! 


I will be back as I would really like to succeed at this challenge and giving up totally half way through won't help me do a whole W30 Plank in January or February will it? 

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