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First Whole30 - Day 5!


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I really need to be better about this food log. It will come in handy, I just know it.


Okay, so I am struggling with hunger in between meals. I'm trying to make sure I get enough fat, etc.


Breakfast this morning was 3 eggs scrambled, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 avocado, and black coffee.


I was hungry around 11:30. Or maybe I wasn't? I drank some water, and that held me over until 1:00.


Lunch was 2 servings of leftover beef curry (ground beef, cauliflower, carrots cooked in a lot of ghee) Sauce was coconut milk with curry powder. I also had 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli with about a teaspoon of ghee and a handful of almonds.


(I'm still snacking on the almonds because my stomach is grumbly)


It's not even 2:00 and I've already had 60 ounces of water.


Are my meals too small? I can't imagine they are. I'm only 5'2". With itty bitty hands. Maybe me measuring my palm and thumb sizes isn't working? Who knows.



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I would definitely increase your breakfast portions at least. You want at least 1-2 cups of vegetables at every meal. On the fat, have a whole avocado instead.

The guide for hunger is could you eat steamed fish and broccoli? Between breakfast and lunch, since water satisfied you, I'm thinking that was just a craving.

Since you were still hungry an hour after having lunch (and lunch looked decent), I'm wondering if tweaking your breakfast portions would help?

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