My first Whole30 August 1st

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I am a long time paleo eater with 2 kids who eat the same.

I have a 4 year old with autism so we have actually been on GAPS since April, but are trying to transition to a less stringent plan.

It is easier when I am fully committed to keep my family fully committed so I am taking August to get myself back on track. I don't have a problem at home, but lately I have been eating crap and drinking crap when out with friends and this just makes me more relaxed about my boys nutrition at home!

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If you want to share experiences, frustrations, anything, during August, I am also starting on the 1st and would love some ppl to go through this with.

About me: I am a chef, live in Boston, have usually been relatively healthy- some small issues here & there- but I do have some real weaknesses. I feel like I need to de-crap my diet and start over. Let me know if you want to email or anything! email: [email protected]

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