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Whole30 Vegetarian... protein?


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Hi guys!


So, I would really like to attempt Whole30, but I know they're big on meat. I tend to practice a vegetarian diet and somewhat rely on protein powder to reach my protein goals. I lift weights to build muscle so getting enough protein daily is important to me. I know those who are on a vegetarian diet get a good amount of their protein from quinoa, beans, and soy. Those products are all eliminated during the Whole30 plan. I know eggs are a good source as well, but I'll definetly get tired of them if that's all I'll be eating!


With that, how do you suggest I get my protein during Whole30? Also, any recipe/meal plan ideas for vegetarians? Thanks!

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There is a vegetarian shopping list, with some additions made for you to get enough protein without meat.


You won't experience the full benefit with the inclusion of the extras however, and the normal whole 30 is recommended.

Many people reconsider their views on eating meat, and actually feel good introducing meat back in to their diets! It's obviously not for everyone, but perhaps consider why you're a vegetarian, and if there's any exceptions you would make to eat meat - perhaps you're deterred by the poor treatment of animals? There is lots of meat available from animals raised in a better way. Perhaps you'd consider fish?

As a bodybuilder, for muscle building id suggest that you'll have greater success eating meat. I have spent a lot of time working with people who are raw vegan, vegetarian, and have eaten limited meat myself. I struggled to gain anything until I included more meat and cooked foods.

There is lots of info and recipe suggestions on the vegetarian section of the forum - someone even posted a cheap vegetarian week meal plan!

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