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Whole30 starting 8/1!


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Hey everybody! I am so excited to start my official first Whole30. I have been trying to eat more whole foods and less junk and need to make the transition 100%. We get back from vacation the day before I will begin the whole30, so good timing!

A little about me, I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids, am just finishing up my master's degree in special education and love having my summer off!! I love to run and do adventure races, I just got done doing the Color Run on Sunday and it was very colorful :)

I would love a friend to chat with over these 30 days and keep each other motivated and excited for each new day. Let me know if you are interested!!


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Hi Jen!

I'll also be starting on August 1st and am looking for a motivation buddy! I'm trying to talk my husband into joining me, but I think it's a bit too extreme for him :)

I've eaten mostly Primal since June, but will still need that bit of support when I'm craving a drink or something sweet.

I'm fairly active myself - I swim, run and lift weights. I used to live in San Francisco and I saw a friend's pictures from the Color Run on Facebook - it looked awesome!

Looking forward to starting and helping each other out!

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