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11 days in...successes & struggles


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So this is day #11 for me...yay! :) I'm feeling really positive about the program and overall I feel great!

I've NEVER cooked so much in my life and my family is amazed at what's coming out of the kitchen~and loving all the meals which is a huge plus!


My skin is clearing up-no new breakout in the last 5 days (chronic acne at 43, for about the last 10 years-thanks hormones! And I've tried EVERYTHING-maybe I'll write about that in a separate post...)


I tried a pair of previously too tight jeans on yesterday and voila! they fit, they are not super loose but they don't look painted on anymore-lol. 


People at work are commenting and asking if I've lost weight. As far as energy goes I feel better first thing in the am when I wake up, I think I am sleeping a bit deeper. I'm able to resist temptations at work. So generally the list of positives is way up...and grows day by day! Thanks Whole 30!!!!


As far as struggles go...

I'm having more cravings in the last 3 days than I did the entire first week, and that's annoying! (it's likely PMS...that will be a challenge, as in the past I usually reached for some dark choc.)

If I stay up late-past 10:30pm, like to watch a movie (at home) this past weekend I get "munchy" and want something, not another meal but something. Any healthy movie snacks...or is that totally off-limits, I know snacking is a no-go...I made the coconut chips and that helped...


And I felt something on day 9 and 10 that was new, kinda bloated after dinner like I had eaten something like gluten, which I had not...I had the "hot plate" both nights...w/ a ton of veggies. Italian the first night and Thai the second...I'm wondering about the sunshine sauce, and the sunflower seed butter, that was the only thing I had that was different. (I am curious how sunflower seed butter is W30 approved, isn't it a legume?)


I have not slipped and consumed anything un-Whole30...however, I am still reaching for a cup of coffee every morning, I just love it...previously w/ milk and honey...now black or w/ coconut milk. And only one cup first thing about 7am...but I feel it may be one of those "unhealthy relationships" Dallas and Melissa talk about since I kinda feel like "I have to have it", but I'm really not willing to give it up at this point. But I am considering trying the last 2 weeks w/out just to see...don't know, that's the only sticking point for me.


Also, I'm not working out like I hoped I'd be...first week or more I was tired and just didn't feel like it, I did a few walks, a few trips on the ellipitical (have one at home) but nothing strenuous to speak of...I thought I'd be joining Cross Fit- but for now it's out of my budget. It's +3x the amount of the gym membership I was about to give up...and that's fine because it's not the same and I get it, but w/ the extra $$ in food and the holidays coming up, and I just started working again (graduate school-just finished) I just can't swing it until probably Jan or Feb. Not the end of the world, but I had vision of starting cross fit asap and getting that rockin' CF bod I keep hearing and seeing! I'm dropping my gym membership to save that $$, and hopefully be able to swing CR sooner rather than later!

But todays Nov. 1st and I'm totally committed to getting a workout in, a good one and hopefully it builds from there. Maybe if any CF folks have a DIY routine they could share...I have weights, bands, ellpitcal, mini-trampoline, jumpropes, exercise ball, and a track right behind my house...


Ok, that's it, time to make b-fast! My absolute favorite meal of the day!

today's breaky:

2 organics FR eggs cooked in coconut oil, sunny side up!

un-cured organic bacon

I use the bacon grease to then fry up onion, garlic, sweet potato cubes, and when it's almost done I add chopped apples.

pile on a plate add the eggs on top, spinkle w/ bacon and chopped parsley


have a great day everyone, thanks for reading!!

~bica ^_^



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W30, have I said I love you?...JUST opened my Whole30 Daily e-mail and there especially for me;-) is a wholllle bunch of info. about starting a exercise routine w/out a gym...more info than I could hope for..and all for day #11...apparently this is the time to add in exercise, you guys are wonderful, and kinda like mind-readers! It's gonna be a great day!

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Sounds good! I'm right behind you - day 10 for me! Go us! And I'm with you on the workout thing, I haven't been working out nearly as much as I wanted/needed to. Let's change that.


Love your idea of adding apples in with your breakfast - so doing that tomorrow. Have you tried rutabaga? Shred it (food processor or maybe a grater would work), saute in coconut oil (or bacon grease) with yellow onions, salt & pepper... SO GOOD! And I made my own breakfast sausage today and added that, and topped with eggs.


Since I saw your post, I'm now writing down my goals for Whole30... thanks!

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