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I'm back on this side of a pond. Whole 30 was too hard given the major project I've taken on for the next few months. I had decided not to, but got swept up in the excitement of some local friends doing it & realized pretty quickly it wasn't going to be a good fit right now.

But I'm here & committed to eating as well as I can to see me through.

Here's what I had yesterday:

M1: pumpkin pancakes from Against All Grain (super tasty!)

M2: curried chicken salad w/Asian slaw & bok choy

M3 (birthday dinner out for husband): pork burger (no bun) w/house made bacon BBQ pork & slaw; collards & green beans; GF apple crisp. Drink was seltzer with bitters & lime.

Did some PT and interval training on recumbent bike at the gym and meditated. Went to a dance party at night.

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Was super busy yesterday, so ended up having two rather than three meals, with a little snacking:


m1: egg/mushroom "muffins," kimchee, olives, ground beef and kale

m2: tuna salad with apples & walnuts, sweet potatoes, radishes

snacks: larabar, dark chocolate truffles, corn chips w/salsa (maybe not the best, but felt fine!), seasonal craft beer to celebrate husband's birthday eve


No real exercise, except a bunch of walking...

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