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unknown/ steroids / desperate pls help


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Hello everyone, I began my whole30 4 days ago and so far I love it! Well because I love the food! Lol

But here is my story and problems that I'm going thru right now.

A little over a year ago I had a successful removal of pituitary tumor (craniophrangioma) thru my nose and mouth. Allthou, I got asceptic meningitis due to the tumor mixing with cerebral fluid and ending up in ICU, my recovery was successful. My head pains went away and I returned to my normal life (sometimes even forgetting that I had the surgery).

Approximately in June I began not feel so great.. But I figured "hey we all off days sometimes". Then end of June I began getting eye sty. One eye, then second eye, then back to the first eye etc (u get the picture) that was for 2months when I got eye stys in both of my eyes and I finally went to the eye doc. At the office I asked him "do you think I have some type of upper respitory infection?" (Since my nose was still recovering from the surgery) He said " no, eye stys are due to oily skin" and he prescribed an antibiotics for 1month. I accepted that answer, and I took the antiobiotics.

After antiobiotics, I started feeling worse, and worse and worse. Major complaint is head pressure in my forhead and behind eyes. The pressure was so bad that I could barely touch my head. I went for MRI and according to neurosurgeon my pituitary and incision looks great. What came up on MRI that I had a thickening line around my sinus so he said its sinus infection and gave me antiobiotics for 2 weeks. First 5 days of antiobiotics made worse. My pressure and pain was so bad that I could not move. My pain traveled on the right side of my brain down to my neck. I got scared that I have meningitis but after calling the doc they said to just wait. That pain went away, so I was left again with the pressured pain behind my forhead and eyes. I finished antiobiotics last Tuesday. I felt that my head was manageable. Wednesday, felt still ok but tiny worse. Thursday got bad. More pressure and pain.

That day I went to my nose doc who did the surgery on me (nose part). First he asked my about my hormones, but I guess they are ok after he looked at them. Then he asked me questions about my pressure and pain in regards to meningitis. And then he said....... "I Think it's allergies", I was like what!? I don't have allergie symptoms! So basically he doesn't know. Oh and according to him I had no sinus infection. So now I'm on prednisone for 12 days. However, before I began prednisone I went to my primary for blood work to check if I have any type of infection in my blood.

So, this is my second day on the steroids. I feel like shit after I take them. But they made so far my head more manageable. Nothing went away but it's more numb.

So I have 2 questions.......... If whoever reads it and has some type of clues what may be going on please share

Also, how the steroids will impact my whole30?

Thank you everyone who took their time to read my story. I'm basically desperate at this point cause I'm very tired of that pressure and pain :(

All hormone levels are in the normal range except growth hormone that went up to 13.9 and testosterone that went down to 14.4

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. It certainly can be scary and frustrating when you get the sense your doc isn't sure what is going on.

Seems like you may have some inflammation going on (though, I am not an expert) and this would be why the prednisone is helping. Unfortunately, it is not a great drug to be on ( immunosuppressive, cause water retention and mood changes for some)and I think it could hamper your Whole30 results. With that said, never stop prednisone abruptly or without your doctors' guidance ( I'm sure you were informed of this)....oh, I just saw you are only on it for 12 days. It probably won't impact your Whole30 too much, especially since you are only 4 days in. You may think about extending it if you don't feel great at day 30.

You might want to get a copy of your MRI (and all your med records, for that matter) and get a second opinion. Sorry I don't have much to offer. Good luck to you and keep us posted!

ETA: the antibiotics are probably more concerning than the short course of pred. They can wreck you GI track. Be sure to consume probiotics daily to help replenish your gut flora. Things like kombucha or fermented sauerkraut or kimchi would be helpful.

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Thank You Andria. Yes, the whole thing is very frustrating. At this point I have no choice but wait till Friday for my blood results. And then just take it from there. While taking antiobiotics I was taking priobiotics as well. In regards to steroids, ugh just hate them but I don't have a choice right now. I really really like the whole30 way of eating. I know I will continue it beyond 30 days.

2nd doc opinion sounds good too. Thank You!

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