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Day 4: Definitely Lethargic!


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Wrapping up day 4 and definitely feeling lethargic.  I moved some small dressers up the stairs for my wife, and did an hour of archery.  No reason that should have knocked me out like that!  I konked out on the bed for an hour after target shooting :-/


Breakfast was assorted meats and veggies, and some roasted pears, from a Whole Foods hotline, (about a pound of food) and lunch was chicken and guac (we shared a whole avocado).  I'm assuming I need to up my fat game, to intake more energy...it felt like hitting a brick wall this evening.


Very peculiar.  Still mapping that out.




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Have you got a copy of the template, chad?


It gives you a guide to quantities - sticking to it for every meal will definitely help lessen the effects of the first couple of weeks. Fat is vital for your energy, and starchy vegies carbs will also give you a boost.

Your breakfast didn't include fat (much? Any?) and your lunch had no vegies! Try aiming for the upper limit of the template for a while and adjust from there.

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