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Finding grass fed meat in the UAE

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I am very new to paleo and have been doing the whole30 programme for two weeks. I am from the UK but live in Abu Dhabi, UAE and I am finding it extremely difficult to source quality grass fed meats. As far as I can tell/find no eggs, chicken or pork is grass fed/pastured. I can get organic pork but I think it is still grain fed? I can't get much unfarmed fish either. I have asked countless staff in the supermarket if the New Zealand lamb is grass fed and they say ALL lamb is grass fed, I struggle trusting this as I often get told what it is I want to hear by the staff in stores here. I can't eat beef due to intolerance.

My main question is, as I can't find quality meats here, will my healthy still improve? Or will eating huge amounts of these meats make me sicker?

I would like to start making bone broth but I am worried the broth won't be good for me as its not made with grass fed bones?

Can anyone give me any hints or tricks with this problem?

Thank you

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Grass fed is not a requirement for a Whole 30. It is better for you, but you can still get the benefits of a W30 just by using conventional meat. 


If it's not available, then you pretty much have few options at this point. Eat what's there, and do the best you can.

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Lamb often is grass fed and in NZ, grass is cheap, so it's a pretty good bet. I'd make your bone both from this and organic chicken if you can find it. Any birds which are less giant in size are a good bet if you're looking for healthier birds.


If you can't get grassfed, try for free range or organic (eggs, chicken and pork) and look at the meat.


Don't worry too much about grassfed if it's hard to get. I wasn't all grassfed my first Whole30 and it worked just fine :D


For fish and seafood, check the country of origin, farmed fish means different things in different countries. Generally, more expensive is better (but not always, trust your instincts). Anything freakishly cheap I avoid. Frozen is often a way to get better for cheaper.

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