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Jumping in for 8/1

Jaimelee Steurer

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Hi everyone,

I am jumping in here for the August Whole30. I actually started the whole30 7/16 but really want to do it during a challenge so here I am, so it will be more like a While45 ;)


I essentially eat a paleo diet all of the time due to food allergies. After getting salmonella poisoning and spending 4 days in the hospital I developed allergies to essentially all non-paleo foods (except dairy). There is not a grain I am not allergic too including "hypoallergenic" rice. I am also allergic to a handful of other items like soy, peanuts, coffee and some random fruits and vegetables (unfortunately lettuce and sweet potatoes being 2 of them).

My main purpose for the Whole30 is to decrease the sugar that sneaks in my life, change my relationship (and my family's relationship) with food and try to balance the Estrogen in my body.

I am excited to read everyone's stories and successes!



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