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Third Time's a Charm?


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It feels strange posting in a public forum about my failed attempts at the Whole30.  I've done it twice before, but I always stray around week 3, and if I'm being honest, I cheat a little throughout. I get all gung-ho, go grocery shopping, throw away temptations, yet always manage to lose my way.  A mini-bio: I'm 28, female, in good health, around 150 lbs, 5'6, and a little too pudgy around the middle for my liking.  I'm a teacher, so while my job is pretty active (I never sit) I'm still tempted to run to the nearest bowl of pasta or glass of wine after every stressful day. And for you teachers out there, most days are stressful.  I have always been a severely emotional eater, as well as a night snacker and I eat larger portions than necessary (am I leptin resistant?!?!). I can always seem to find a rationalization for my little cheats.  I cheat with blue corn chips and hummus, rice, gluten-free pasta, cheese (oh it's only a little sprinkle of parm...), Lara bars, and Ezekiel english muffins.  So it's not like I'm gorging on Doritos and Hershey Kisses, but as we know, sugar is sugar is sugar.  The first time I read the Whole30 (I've read it more times than I've done it...), the chapter on an unhealthy psychological response completely resonated with me and I thought that simply that awareness would help get me through the detox process.  I'm not really sure what to do this third time around, because my fear is that it will just happen again.  What I do know, is that I'm tired of dealing with mood swings and energy slumps from my yo-yoing. I'm tired of being so well-versed and educated in the topic (I have a degree in physiology) yet unable to practice what I preach and what I know in my heart will cure my emotional dependency on food.  


Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.  I sort of started today, but tomorrow I plan to dedicate myself to the process again.  


Tomorrow's Agenda:




2 hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, banana with almond butter

Loose leaf tea


Snack: Steamed broccoli


Lunch: Leftover beef stew

Black coffee 


Zumba at 5:30


Dinner: Grilled chicken and salad with avocado, onion, cucumbers, shaved carrot, roasted beets and olive oil


Sounds good on paper, but I'm really not looking forward to failing again  :(

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I would increase the size of your meal 1. Add at least another egg to your breakfast and have your broccoli with that meal. If you must have a snack it should be a mini meal of fat, protein, and veg. It's better not to plan for a snack. Not sure about meal 2 and meal 3 size so can't say for sure. If you are having trouble getting it going it might be because you are not eating enough. Based on the foods you are cheating with it is possible you are not getting enough starchy vegetables.


When you are tempted to go off plan ask yourself if you are really hungry or do you just want to eat? If the answer is you are really hungry than eat a mini meal that includes vegetables fat and protein. If you just want to eat find something else to do. Take a walk, call a friend, read a book, anything. Breaking the craving cycle is hard but it is worth it.

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