Constipation - Please help!

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Every so often when I can't take it anymore and want to speed up the process, I try this supplement at night and feel relief the next mornng: http://www.bluebonnetnutrition.com/product/117/Albion%AE_Chelated_Magnesium_200_mg_Vcaps


It was recommended to me by my integrative MD.


Good luck! 


Awesome!  I've been looking for a different magnesium and ran out of mine today.  Turns out it is 25% off at Sprouts today.  Given other reports here, I think my body will do better with the chelated magnesium.  Thanks!

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Anybody ever use psyllium husk?  It's supposed to be helpful for both constipation and the opposite.  I used to tend toward loose stools and pysllium helped bigtime.  When I did my first whole30 (in Oct 2013) I quit taking it so I could see whether the dietary changes I made would be helpful.  Surprisingly I got a little plugged up during my whole30, but decided to stick it out and see it things leveled out.  I talked to my chiropractor and he suggested mixing my greens up (was mostly eating kale because it was easy) and adding a pro-biotic.  Things aren't perfect, but they are definitely better.


I've been reading up on resistant starch lately and am on the verge of adding it to my diet.  Sounds like it may have some benefits along the lines of this thread. 


Good luck, there's nothing like a good bm, just sayin!  :rolleyes:


I have never had good luck with psyllium husk and neither have my clients -- from my understanding, the longer you use it, the more likely it is to contribute to constipation. I've only had success with it relieving the problem for the short-term. 

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MAGNESIUM!!  I suffered from terrible constipation after having my thyroid removed in March of 2012.  For 18 months I was miserable.  I tried everything from daily laxatives to enemas.  Then when I started my first Whole30 in August someone on the forum here mentioned Natural Calm magnesium supplement, then I heard about it again at the Whole9 Seminar in September.  I bought some and started taking it - working up to a heaping tsp in water at night and in the morning.  By day 3 I was worried it wasn't working and that's when I upped it to the max recommended dose.  Starting on day 4 I have been completely regular, going daily without pain and without any backed up feeling.  It has truly been my miracle cure.  And if you get the unflavored "original" it is Whole30 compliant.  I get it on Amazon.  It's about $13 cheaper for the large size than in the stores.  http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Vitality-Magnesium-Calm-1x16/dp/B000GJOZWE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1383838663&sr=8-2&keywords=natural+calm


At this point if someone wanted to take it away from me they would have to pry the jar out of my cold, dead hands.  Seriously.  We all like to laugh at the "regularity" commercials.  But it's only funny if you've never been chronically constipated.  It's a mineral that our bodies need anyway and it's not a drug.  It's a win-win.

I bought a container of Natural Calm about 3 weeks ago and it didn't do a thing for me. I only took 1/2 tsp for 3 days so it's still almost full. Would you like it?

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