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10 Things I Love about Whole30.


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I finished my first Whole30 10 days ago.  Actually it was a Whole35, but I really don't have any idea what day it is.


If I am to be honest (and I like that this forum is honest, and incredibly supportive - thank you all for sharing your stories and advice so generously), I have spent the past 10 days completely freaking out about what I am going to do now.  What will I eat?  Do I trust myself to make good choices?  Food.  Food.  Food.  Will my head blow off if I eat sugar?  What are the moral implications of marshmallow fluff?  Why can my husband drink 12 beers and remain fat-adapted?  Why does prosecco taste so good?


I would actually like to stop thinking about food and start enjoying living my life.


The reason I've decided to post here is that I was getting so freaked out about next steps that I'd completely forgotten about the previous 35 days and all the awesome amazing things that happened to my body once I decided to start looking after it and give it a bit of love (in the form of homemade aioli, of course.  Can we all take a moment to think deeply about the miracle that occurs when one emulsifies eggs and olive oil?)


So here's my list - I'm pretty sure you all know what's coming but this is really for my benefit rather than yours.


1. I stayed off a scale for 30 days.  No more numbers on the dial equalling my self-worth.  This was liberating.  I was forced to just sit in my body and feel the changes taking place.  For the first time in my life my body had a voice and I was able to hear it.


2. When I did get on the scale I'd lost 5kgs.  Or in American, 11 pounds.  (The only time I use US English is when I am weighing myself.)  And this was with me being injured and doing little more than riding to work every day and yoga.  (No Crossfit for me.  I googled Crossfit and I still don't understand what it is.  And I don't like running either, it makes one so damp.)


3.  I became a morning person.  THE MONUMENTALITY OF THIS CANNOT BE EMPHASISED ENOUGH.  My husband also says I am less cranky but clearly anyone who drinks 12 beers after running a marathon is a fool whose definition of "cranky" is incorrect.


4.  I look at my plate of food at each meal and cannot believe I get to put fat on everything and THEN EAT IT. 


5.  No more waking up with a stiff, sore body.  A quick stretch and then I'm off to face the day.


6.  Day 34 saw the arrival of Tiger Blood.  It dang sure took its time arriving but when it did - oh my.


7.  I have had the best sleep of my life.  For someone who has had constant problems with sleep, this part is wonderful.  My head hits the pillow and I don't wake up once, even when 12 beers down husband is snoring like a freight train next to me.  (I'm hoping that next I learn how to put a pillow on his face without waking up.)  I still can't get over this, it's so good.


8.  Clarified butter.  Adding salt to my food and being able to taste it.  Truffle oil on poached eggs for breakfast.  Coconut butter.


9.  A truly improved sense of smell and taste (which has also meant that several off-road foods aren't as delicious as I remember.)


10. Having my body love me back because I'm taking better care of it.


I'm still working out what comes next, but I feel excited about my life and all the things I'm going to be able to do.  And all this came about just because I changed what I ate.





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Your funny ;-)). Congratulations for all that you achieved!

I will be writing an ode to mayo when my Whole30 (actually Whole51 minus 21) is complete!

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lovely post!

what is this thing called tiger blood???

And you have inspired me with the aioli - I have no enthusiasm for mayo but aioli sounds very good. Oh and coconut butter - hadn't thought of that either!

Look forward to hearing how your transition goes

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