Confessions of a Former Weight Watcher


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Hi everyone,

I can't express how excited, nervous, & overwhelmed I am by this process. I have read the rules, joined the forum, & bought the book. Now, I just need to prepare myself!

I am coming to you all after a 70lbs weight loss beginning almost three years ago with the help of Weight Watchers. I am now struggling with staying on track & knocking off this last 10lbs. Now, before anyone jumps on me for wanting to lose weight in this process, I am not expecting this lifestyle to make me lose weight directly. The reason I am not losing these last 10lbs is because I am battling food & my body every. single. day. I wake up & I think about food, I go to bed & I think about food. I want the cycle to stop & I want to stop feeling guilty.

I am a huge Jillian Michaels believer, now she is not a Paleo believer in the slightest (she doesn't believe in eliminating a specific food group), & she introduced me to the idea of eating "whole foods" & "clean eating." I feel she was the segway to this Whole 9 lifestyle for me.

Long story short, I hope that these next 30 days bring me peace of mind with food choices & settles the epic war going on between my mind & my stomach these days.

We got this!

Thanks in advanced for all the support I know I will be receiving on this forum!

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I can relate. Everyday has been interesting on this program. I am now on day 12. I am wanting to lose weight too, so I know what you mean. I know it's not about weightless, but weightloss comes from a healthy relationship w/food and eating patterns so I think the Whole 30 will definitely help you. It may take more than 30 days and I'm realizing that. I've personally decided to not weigh ,yield until I'm mentally ready. I will also stop Whole 30 and reintroduce when I'm ready. That may be 35 it may 40 days, but whatever it is I know this has brought me more awareness in to my patterns than ever before. Best of luck. This is a great support system too. :)

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Im sure you will achieve your goal...I started Whole30 in february i stuck it out till June and lost 30. I admit i went on vacation and enjoyed myself and got off track for about a month, i didn't gain, but i didn't lose. I started a new Whole30 5 days ago and so far so good!

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