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I say first true because I did a slightly modified version a year ago. Low and behold I also became pregnant after trying for over a year. Apparently my body was wicked inflamed.

I was kind to myself while pregnant, did six weeks of no dairy, sweetener, and gluten 6 weeks after birth (I had been GF for 8 years, but caved when I was pregnant), and then I feel into a postpartum chasm and honored my need to comfort eat.

However, eventually comfort eating becomes uncomfortable and you yearn to go back to how you used to feel. Even though I was eating 80% awesome diet, I still caved to cravings at about 9pm every night. (Look for me online at this time. It's going to be tough!) I also thoroughly enjoy a Guinness at the end of each day (for milk supply of course ). Being a mom, grad student, working part time, and homesteading to the best of my current abilities is tough! But enough is enough and I am ready.

Yesterday was my first day. I also decided that I would try to not yell (at anyone for anything) for thirty days, dry brush daily, give my partner a five minute massage every night (I have received one nightly for 5-6 years and he's never asked for one in return), and walking for 30 minutes 3x a week and gentle yoga 3x a week. I use to do more, but my abs are currently a hand's worth apart (thanks, over 9 pound baby!) and I think I have a hernia. Oy. So no rock star workouts for me. Not yet away.

Want to know about yesterday? Food was great. I will provide a breakdown at the bottom. The toddler hit the baby in the head with a tape measure, so.... yelling happened. Frack. (***note, I started the NoYelling30 on the 6th of November and did manage to make it until yesterday- a day where I have no parenting back up for 13 hours...) I also did dry brush! AND finally, partner gave me a backrub because my day did suck parenting wise but rocked food wise. I was tired and he insisted.
However, today is a new day and I will not yell and I will hook him up with a back rub. I will continue to rock the food and the dry brush (divine!!)

So what about the food? So the babe doesn't do eggs (breastfed) and reacts strongly when I eat them (one egg yolk seems to be okay). So that does add a challenge, but I do love a challenge. 

Okay, so day one (11/9/13)

Breakfast- Half a sweet potato thinly sliced, apple cut to chucks, and walnuts. Cooked with coconut oil and cinnamon. This was amazing. Toddler approved!

Lunch- Salad with nuts and seeds and such. Freshly squeezed lemon, olive oil, sea salt for dressing. This was good, but I was freaking starving so... However, also toddler approved.

Dinner- Baked beef stew. Man, I couldn't wait for my local, grassfed beef to thaw. It was a rough day and I was ready for some grub! Okay, so onions, garlic, carrots, sweet potato, celery, slightly sautéed. Pan seared stew beef. Put all liquid in my corning ware with all the ingredients. Added HOT water with seasonings (rosemary, thyme, sage, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and smoked paprika) and then packed fresh spinach on top. Cooked for an hour at 325. (I need that hour to take care of kids, stew safer in oven that stove top- hence baked stew.) ***This was freaking amazing***


Before bed snack (this is going to be my hard zone) almonds, cashews, with a few dried cranberries exclusively sweetened with organic apple juice.

Okay, so this is the record of my first day, written on my second. I would love to find a "buddy" to do this with so please comment!

I leave you with this: egg yolk, HOT coffee, coconut cream, dash of cinnamon- blended. That is how you start a day.

Until tomorrow!!!

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   I had walnuts in the morning, and other nuts and seeds with the lunch salad. I then ate quite a bit of meat for dinner. I cannot have eggs.
My protein consumption was at every meal and seemed to be within the guideline of the template**. I cannot eat meat at every meal. For breakfast this morning I had a shake with hemp protein, chia, almond butter (among other stuff, but that is tomorrows post! LOL)

What other suggestions do you have for more protein? Is there a specific gram goal? I am open to suggestions.


Thanks for your reply!

**I am having protein every meal, just not animal protein at every meal

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Roz is correct. We don't have specific protein gram goals, but when you try to get your protein needs met with nuts and seeds, you will end up with much more fat than recommended--a "palm-size" portion of nuts is simply too much! I'm sorry to say that smoothies also do not meet the meal template, and hemp protein powder is not allowed during the whole30.


You don't need to eat eggs at all if you don't wish, but you will get the best results from the program if you follow the meal template for every meal. Just include other sources of protein in place of eggs. Many people eat leftover dinner, but you can make you own sausage patties or have compliant chicken sausages or make yourself a hamburger or open a can of tuna: whatever you like, no matter what time of day. Is there a reason you say you "can not have meat at every meal"? Maybe we can help troubleshoot that for you with a few more details.

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I will echo miss Mary's advice, but also suggest you eat more meals. if you're BFing your bub, you need extra nutrition and calories to support both of you. 4-5 meals, all fitting the template, should help you maintain good energy, whilst also keeping up your milk supply for your little (big) one :)

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Alrighty! A quick check in for accountability.

Yesterday proved interesting. Found out my rocking avocado, banana, soaked dates (just two), chia, flax, hemp protein, almond butter, and coconut milk (and sometimes oil) smoothie doesn't count. Boo. BUT no worries, I will get this down.


I held it together, but it has been hard. Toddler is pushing every button he can.

I did not cheat. I did dry brush. I followed through on hooking up my partner with a backrub (important to me to show gratitude). I also yelled. Damn it.


Yesterday food:


Aforementioned smoothie.  :(  See you soon!


Lunch- spaghetti squash with homemade meat sauce from our garden tomatoes. AMAZING. Whole family loved the squash.


Dinner- grilled seasoned steak, roasted squash and cauliflower (olive oil and spices), half a sweet potato with a tiny side of half an apple sautéed in coconut oil and appox.6 cranberries. This was also amazing. I loved mixing the sweet potato with apple, cinnamon, and cranberry side.


I am not experiencing any kind of withdrawal. I was eating clean at least 80% of the time so I imagine my body isn't do a super detox. I slept well the last two nights as well.
However, I am not going to lie. After the stressful morning I have had, I want a bucket of chocolate. ;)
I miss chocolate the most. I made this amazing bark with allergen free chocolate chips and tons of coconut, nuts, and dried fruits...

Stupid cravings....


At least I have primal coffee. That is pretty amazing.

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So busy, but days 3 and 4 were successful!


I don't really have time for the breakdown, but I did make a coconut encrusted chicken with a pear and mango curry sauce (don't worry- it was not a lot of fruit)

I have been good about everything except for walking. I am constantly moving, but not with the intent of exercise. I get up early to do grad work and then I take care of kids (until 9pm). I have job, but luckily it is a supervisory position that mostly leaves me at home though I am on call.

So if anyone is reading this, how do I get back on the exercise track? With my abs aching the way they do from the separation, maybe I am feeling more timid? I long to rock at the gym again and finding it hard to not have the type of output that I desire. BUT I feel stuck. Advice?

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I will take a class soon. My doc suggested just doing PT for a bit. BUMS me out.

Okay, I have a final due this week.

SO just real quick.


No cheating and my energy is out of this world.

"Just" doing PT? There is nothing insignificant about training with a trainer. It would likely be more beneficial than taking a class. I would suggest seeing a physio to get a training program for your specific issue.

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Physical therapy PT not personal training PT. Physical therapy is wicked important but there isn't a sweat broken or stress relieved. 


And  I am working with someone with my issue. It's hard to be a grounded plane. I am just trying to hold myself accountable and *maybe* get some support.


Will post more tomorrow. However, I am not some whining wank. :) I am a mom, student, and I work. AND I feel broken and hurt right now.


More later.

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Ah - ok. It is hard to go from being active to not. I had to support my husband through 6 months of doing barely anything when he fractured his back. Before that he was playing/ training for cricket 3-4 days a week, going to the gym 3-4 times a week and surfing on the weekend. What helped him was still going to the gym and doing what he could do. (Bodybuilding came after that for us, so he's not been negatively effected in any way - it gave him the opportunity to focus on technique as much as anything)

Eating healthily will help you so much in your recovery - getting in as much nutrient dense food is definitely the best way to go :)

Take time to recover and do your rehab - you'll benefit in the long term :)

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I am glad your husband is okay now, amberino21, and is thriving. That must have been hard.


Yesterday was a big success for me. I was out all day, with the whole family, and maintained clean eating. The only slight boost I did was a half of a Luna bar and a handful of cashews. I consider it a win. Nothing too charming for breakfast or lunch (same thing) butternut squash with apple, shredded coconut, coconut oil, and cinnamon with chicken. Burger with mushrooms, onion, and garlic -on lettuce-, with sweet potato and coconut oil.

Big salad on today's menu. ;)


Happy Friday!

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Okay, days 8 and 9 are a win! I wrapped up a 16 page paper today so I am a little fried. :)  Proud of myself that I didn't fall to the mercy of snack food this week of my final. Go me!


Busted out some fish and shrimp the last two days. Normally we don't have seafood in the house because my husband doesn't dig it, but damn. I wanted me some shrimp.


Everything has been going really well. Got pretty tired yesterday. Wondering if I can't take my probiotics because they are dairy based???


Good night!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Today is Day 20!!! I have been good. The only n"mistake" I made was eating too many cashews when I was hungry. Turns out, cashews make in inflamed so I won't be eating anymore. I never noticed before, but my gut was definitely not happy with them.


I have made some amazing foods and even did a few "approved" workouts. I get up at dawn everyday (I have to with school and kids and such anyway lol).


BUT I am checking in mostly because I need to state publicly that I am nervous about today. I have done so good and I know I can continue, but this is such a food centered holiday. I am going to a friends house with my family. They eat well (home raised turkey, organic, GF) BUT there are still some grains, butter, and maple syrup in a pie. Not to mention cheese (which I maybe miss the most).

Can I have a pep talk if anyone is out there? I have been a rockstar, but I feel particularly vulnerable this morning.

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Hi!! I don't completely get thanksgiving, as we don't have it here. Perhaps at the meal time you can focus on being thankful for all of the foods you can eat, that promote better health in your body. Be thankful that you're aiming to be the healthiest version of you, for yourself, and for your family and friends.

(Maybe I have put being thankful in completely the wrong context, I apologise if it's rude!)

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