Day one July 21st


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I've been meaning to go paleo since my sister and her boyfriend did after he was diagnosed with MS. (From an article that I'd read- actually a TED talk from an MD in Iowa City who recovered from MS w essentially a strict paleo diet.)

I've been a vegetarian for the last 6 years but have restarted eating fish the last few months, so I think that with Fish and eggs and a healthy love for veggies, I should be ok to get onto this.

The thing is, that when I am feeling a bit low, or overstretched at work or unloved, I have a tendency to want bread and sugar and chocolate. And when I am not really eating those things, I have no cravings for them.

So I truly believe the paleo is the way to go, even if I am/was veg, (yet I am not sure if I can return to meat fully, at least not yet). I've read a lot on in over the last few mos, and I am starting the plunge now... I don't mean to start this for 30 days, I mean to start it for life.

I've already tossed my scale years ago. It always made me feel bad about myself. The number was never right.


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Hi Sara,

Welcome. I'm on Day 9 of Whole 30 and am finding it remarkably liveable...this from an inveterate diet breaker. I had to eat out once and I was able to do that with ease, though I avoid it mostly. I, too, plan to live like this. I am eating extremely well, as in tasty and wholesome, and am so grateful to the generosity of this forum. It truly makes a difference.

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Day one was pretty good. I had some urges for something that maybe I should not have but I qwelled them pretty fast... I am ok once I set my mind to a project... I wasn't a daily bread/grain/beans eater so that part was not hard. I had been having a bit too much sugar lately and dairy. It's nice to just shut it off. I made myself two eggs for dinner and some sauteed veggies. Yum.

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