Post workout meal -- liquid/puree options?


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I know we aren't supposed to drink real food in the form of liquid, but after a tough workout my body just refuses to eat anything solid. Is there any way to get protein from real food but not have to eat a chicken breast or piece of fish after a workout?

I've already done a Whole30 and know that dairy is not an option. Maybe some kind of sweet potato/(cooked?) egg puree? Suggestions are appreciated for a liquid/puree option for PWO.

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I have used quality raw eggs in smoothies for quite awhile.

This is what I do, for anyone interested:

Break a single egg on a flat plate, and observe it. The yolk should be round, firm, and high. The white should be firm, high, and have two distinct "levels' to it. The egg should have no imperfections of any kind.

I take a better-safe-than-sorry attitude. If I have any doubt, or if the yolk gets broken in the process, I set the egg aside, scramble it, put the scrambled egg in a ziploc baggie or tupperware container and return it immediately to the fridge. I'll use the scrambled egg I cook dinner that evening or for breakfast the next day.

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